Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Vermont


Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Vermont

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos spoke after the game at the postgame press conference. Of the players, only Brett Bisping was made available as for the first time in recent memory, the locker room was closed after the game.

Siena Coach Jimmy Patsos

The emotional level of our team is not where it needs to be in the MAAC. I’ve coached too long in this league. This is  passionate, caring, emotional, grind-it-out, tough league. I don’t see that resiliency in us. Maybe 2017 will bring me that.”

“I don’t see our passion and emotion right now and as a head coach I’m very disappointed in that. I’ll do the best I can to try and get it back.”

“I’m not gonna go crazy and get fired up on the sidelines if the players aren’t gonna care enough to win for 40 minutes.”

“I have to figure out whether we play all the young guys, whether I decide who plays because I’ve been really loyal to my 4 seniors. I have been super loyal to my four seniors for four years. Just look at their minutes, the points that they’ve scored. The situations I’ve been through with some of them and inserted them right back into the starting lineup. They’ve played a lot of basketball. So, I’m gonna just go have a meeting with them tomorrow. We’ll have lunch and talk about what they want to do but we have to play harder and with more emotion.”

“You’ve really got to want to win at the MAAC level. This is one of the most interesting leagues to me in the country because it’s an emotional, passionate league where the talent is pretty even. Some guys will have super talent like AJ English but on the other hand if you don’t have as much talent but you have some real junk yard dogs in a good way, you can win.”

“Right now I see some guys that are pretty content so I’ll deal with that myself. I’ll get to the bottom of it. There’s no panic but we’re gonna find out what’s going on. I’m gonna find out who wants to play with passion and emotion.”

“Brett 14 points 10 rebounds, we probably should have gotten him the ball a little more.”

“He (Bisping) cares. He came. He worked extra today and came in early and took shots.”

“I wanted to defend the three point line and that’s what we did. That being said we missed a lot of easy shots. This is the second game in a row where I’m gonna go home and watch us miss easy shots in the paint so I have to fix that.”

“I thought at the crucial point of the game a couple times we lost them. We just lost a couple guys defensively.”

“”We came out in the second half and really went inside and I thought this is gonna be great game. We’re gonna turn it around and then they got a couple of loose threes and then we took a couple of bad shots.”

“By the way I don’t know why I got the technical. Ronnie (Tyburski) must have heard someone else say something, not me. He said he thought he heard something. I didn’t say a word. You can check the tape. I’ll take the hit on the technical. Then he said you shouldn’t be refereeing anyways.”

“(Former Siena player) Prosper Karangwa came around yesterday and  said I had the passion. And this was my favorite place of all the places I played in the world, Siena. It was a real touching moment. Why isn’t it translating over to certain guys? I don’t’ know. I’ll try everything.”

“I’ll try to figure it out the best I can with the players. I’m gonna ask the players what they think as I have for four years here. When the players have ownership you have a chance to win in the MAAC. Right now we’re lacking a little ownership.”

“He (Marquis Wright) came off the bench because he’s been getting in foul trouble. I thought he was a little un-energized at Hofstra. In the second half I just wanted to play the young guys when the game started to slip away a little bit. Marquis has had a very frustrating year. I understand that and I really like Marquis as a person. I think he’s got to figure out whether he wants to grind it at this level ’cause guys have his name circled and they’re coming after him.”

“We went inside and we did not convert. They went inside against us and did convert. That’s supposed to be our strong thing.”

“If you said Vermont is going to go 3 for 18 from the (3 point) line, I would have said we’re winning that game. But if you’re lacking passion and emotion and little bit of a blank look, then I’m not sure.”

“I’ll play young guys all day if I have to do. I’ll play young guys because we didn’t practice like that. We just practiced our butts off. I thought that was gonna turn over to that (the game). So, we’ll work on that.”

“I said don’t you want it more that this? If everyone doesn’t want it then it’s not gonna work. The MAAC’s too good a league.”

“The last two games are kinda…..ok….well… I’m not so cool with that. So, things could change some more.”

“I want Nico Clareth to take a lot of shots. He’s one of the best offensive players in the league at the two guard position. I really wanted him to get the ball to the basket a little more but I can’t go out there and do that for him. But, he has to shoot the ball. He scored 500 points last year. When we’ve won games he’s an offensive juggernaut. He’s a scoring machine. He didn’t score tonight so we’ll go back to the drawing board there.”

“They know what we’re doing. They played zone. They packed it in on us and said go ahead and beat us. We got the ball inside. That was my game plan. We didn’t make some shots. We’ll work on it. We’ll try to get better at it.”

Brett Bisping

On Patsos saying team is lacking passion and emotion:

“As a team we take that to heart I think. It’s frustrating but we’re not gonna quit. We do have to play with a lot more passion and energy. I agree 100%.”

“If you ask me, I think we need to buy into what the coaches are saying. I know Jimmy likes to give us some power in what we say but I think we all need to buy into the same thing and that should be what Jimmy says. I think we need to relay what Jimmy says to get everybody on the same page.”

On if players know their roles:

“I think so. Our coaches do a good job of defining that. Now executing the roles is a different story. I think people do know what their roles are I just don’t think we are executing them very well.”

On if winning the MAAC seems like a realistic goal:

“It doesn’t look like it. I think to win the MAAC we need to believe that it is. We are capable but the way we are playing right now, no. It sounds like some changes are coming and we need to buy into those changes and trust that that’s what it takes to get it done.”

“I was not expecting this outcome tonight. I’m just really disappointed. It’s frustrating. I am a little shocked about it but you’ve got to stay positive, bounce back tomorrow and get ready for MAAC play.”

On if he is worried about guys quitting on the season:

“No. We won’t let that happen. Our coach won’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen. If guys do quit on the season then they probably just wont play. We’ll stay on them to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“We’re not making a lot of shots but we are taking some tough shots. I think we can move the ball a little more and get some easier shots.  I feel like teams get easy shots on us but we don’t get a lot of easy shots on other teams.”

On play hard and have fun, the teams motto:

“When you are struggling you have to go back to the basics and those are our basics. I’m sure that will be touched on tomorrow. They (coaches) have been telling us that we need to play hard and have fun but we need to start executing their game plan.”

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