Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To St. Peter’s

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Postgame Comments From Siena Coach Jimmy Patsos Following Siena Loss To St. Peter’s:

On the two games this weekend:

“There’s two wins, one win and no wins. I was hoping for two wins after we got the first one.”

“I thought we’d be sky high going for the sweep.”

“Sometimes you try to remember that you were 19 years old but sometimes you also say to yourself that was a long time ago. Maybe times have changed. Maybe things aren’t as exciting as I thought they once were. ‘Cause I was excited to play. We got good rest yesterday and our women won and our guys went there and everything was fine.”

“I just didn’t think we emotionally had it. I’ll take that as the coach. I’ll accept the blame. It’s my fault.”

“There’s a thing they do in the pros. They have 5 categories. The starters matchup, then the bench matchup and then the intangibles which includes coaching, home or away, days of rest, all this stuff. They won four categories and we didn’t win a category today. We’re not gonna win games that way.”

“We’re a pressing team and got five points off turnovers. They got 30 points off turnovers.”

“Once again my pregame speech of just take care of the ball and we’ll grind it out. It will be a final possession game, was well heeded. We had 10 turnovers that led to 20 points in the first half.”

“My message was simple, we have to worry about Dominique and Desi Washington. They must have thought I said don’t worry about those two guys.”

“Our crowd was good today. I know the students weren’t there but our crowd was still good. It’s still a good day to play basketball. No NFL. My message was this is a great opportunity to play another game at home against a team that’s really good but a team you’re gonna really battle with.”

“It’s just an interesting group. I didn’t feel the emotion coming out. When I have injuries and it’s 2015 I said I’ll get as emotional as you want me to get but I’m not gonna just do it if you’re not gonna come with me.”

“Unto the breach young men we go and I turn around and nobody’s behind me. Okay, we’re not gonna win the war. A little Shakespeare by the way.”

On the opening alley-oop play to Willem Brandwijk:

“I designed that play and said here we go. Then we didn’t get a rebound and then they got a three and then they got another three. But, it wasn’t that. We turned the game up. We battled back.”

“Whether the call at the end of the half should have gone our way, that doesn’t matter. The technical foul is just, hey give me one. I probably deserve it.”

“Get a loose ball. I saw a bunch of loose balls they got and we didn’t get. I saw rebounds go up, them grab a rebound and kick it out for a three.”

“I’ll give you some shooting percentages that are pretty interesting at home. Sometimes even when the ball’s not going in you’ve got to will it in. Where was the tap rebound? Go back up and an and-one. Hey lets go.”

“I’m not angry or anything. We got a good split this weekend. I’m trying to get us where we’re gonna get two wins in a weekend instead of one.”

“We can start using injuries and excuses but I just didn’t think we were emotionally there today.”

“I’m with the team. I’m not mad at them. There’s no yelling. Nobody hates anybody but I’m just a little disappointed. I’m like a parent who’s a little disappointed. It’s a constant talk, but when does it become, let’s just buy-in that we have to play really hard, and dive on the floor. We’re lucky to have 6,000 people. What a great situation. Nobody here’s sick. Nobody here has cancer. Everything’s fine but we have to play harder or we’re not gonna win.”

“Let’s talk about Rob Poole. What Rob Poole did Friday was unbelievably heroic. If I had looked back I would have said hey Poole you can’t play today cause I know you’re really hurt. He almost reinjured himself. I’m not making excuses but you can only Willis Reed it so many times. Like, Kirk Gibson hit that home run for the Dodgers, he didn’t even play the next game. I should have measured that better. I should have said he’s not gonna be able to really go today. But, he’s got 11 games left and he wants to play.”

“You can say Javion had his worst game of the year but that kid’s been tremendous for us all year. I’m not gonna yell at him, ‘Hey Javion you’re a jerk.’ He’s not a jerk. He’s a great kid. He’s trying his hardest. He played his heart out the other night. They’ve (St. Peter’s) got some big bodies. It just wasn’t his day.”

“Usually turnovers come down to being tough with the ball.”

“At some point we have to be mentally ready to play the game, just emotionally.”

“I thought we’d want it more today to really show everyone that we’re back but I guess we’ll find out again next week. Stay tuned.”

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