Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Manhattan


Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Manhattan

Jimmy Patsos:

“It was a good game, a good MAAC game. We played two teams really well. Teams made threes against us when it mattered.”

“On the last play. I chose not to foul. With ten seconds (differential) left. I said everybody stay home. I turned and the guy has a wide open three.”

“We were 3 for 13 from the three-point line. I’ll take that. That’s my fault. I’m not blaming anybody.”

“We played hard, very good game. A lot of good energy. The one thing we have to learn from is driving and kicking and then making an open shot off a really easy play. It’s a good way to play in the MAAC.”

“The MAAC comes down to stop your guy. I’m guarding this guy. Stop ’em. Your guy makes a shot go back and make another shot on him.”

“I was talking to Ronald Moore the other day about that. He said, ‘Coach, how’s it going?’ I said, ‘The future’s bright. The game plan’s on.’ He said, ‘I know. We’re all behind you.’ That meant a lot. The game plan is on. I have a five year deal. It’s a five year game plan. I gotta get guys that want to buy into what you’re doing.”

“I think our team right now is buying into what we’re doing. It may be a little late or we’re a little short-handed. We just can’t seem to be able to get everybody to click on one night.”

“The MAAC’s a little throw back, tough league. Sometimes there isn’t plays being called and it’s not this nice Ivy League game. These are gonna be tough, tough games. It’s a hard hat tough league. We put our hard hats on the last two games. We played really hard we just came up a little short. There’s no quit in us.”

“I wanna win too but I’m not gonna go in here and say, boy we’re not very good or anything. We are fighting our butts off. We are trying hard. We are right there. We just need one or two guys to get a little hot.”

“Teams are making threes and we’re not. We’re giving up the most threes and making the fewest. That ain’t gonna win you any Betty Crocker awards last time I checked.”

“Poole tried to will us to win. Remember, Rob’s hurt but he has to play. I think that’s what you see in him a little bit. We’re trying to play zone to hide him.”

On Poole and Hymes:

“The most important thing those guys are gonna do in this building is graduate. This is where our graduation is.”

Rob Poole:

“I think we’ve been fighting. I think throughout the season we’ve been fighting. It’s just tough. People are making shots on us. It wasn’t like that last year. I don’t have any excuses but when people are making threes like that all the time, it’s tough. That’s our fault. We need to fix that up.”

“Our two most physical guys are out for the season right now. Our guys who aren’t real physical are battling and Javion played great down low. He had a tough task against Pankey who’s a really good player so credit to him.”

On Senior Night:

“It was great. I had my mom and dad with me. They’re great. It was fun. I enjoyed it. The fans are great here. I want to thank them for four years of that. It was fun.”


Lavon Long:

“The intensity, and the want for us to win was overbearing. Everybody wanted to win. Rob and Evan, great team mates, great people. Just couldn’t get it (win).”

“To work that hard and not get the win especially on a big day like this is devastating.”

“I just came out and had fun. Just working hard doesn’t seem to fit me so I thought being a clown would help. Doing little extra stuff, taking to people on the line saying, ‘I’ll give you a lollipop if you miss.’ Stuff like that, it actually worked once.”

On being able to enjoy the game:

“I guess I have to. Otherwise I’m not gonna play well.”

“We still played well. The effort’s there. With effort you can pretty much do anything.”


Manhattan coach Steve Masiello:

“Just a really good MAAC game. I thought Siena came out and played with a lot of fight tonight. I thought we got out on them early and they rallied. Rob made some big threes for them.”

“I thought Jimmy did a lot of good things defensively. Some box and one, some 1-3-1, went man, went zone. He gave us a lot of looks.”

“I thought we did a good job of being in attack mode. We got to the line 36 times. I thought we settled a little early for the three and uncharacteristic of us, Siena got more field goal attempts.”

“We kinda won in an old-school Manhattan way with our field goal percentage defense. We didn’t get the tempo where we wanted it. Siena actually got more possessions but I think the difference was they were 23% and 35% from three and from the field respectively and we got ’em on the backboard which is what you have to do against them.”

When asked about winning here for the first time in 9 years:

“I won a MAAC Championship here and I won I think three times as an assistant.”

Follow up, is the win significant with the MAAC Tournament coming back here in a couple weeks?:

“No ….. (silence).”

On the last possession:

“It was one of those plays where I knew they were gonna either foul or try to defend. They chose to defend which is a good play. We like to go with 9 on the (shot) clock and we try to get Emmy the quick pick and role with the four and five action. We got to turn the corner. They left strong side off RaShawn. The same play in the first half, they drew a charge on that play. Emmy avoided the charge and went to the corner early and RaShawn made a big three for us. ”

“If you look at standings now, you’re gonna get bit. It’s the worst thing you can do. There’s so much basketball left. It’s not just two or three games. It’s who’s playing who. For me, the thing you don’t want is Siena in the first round, here. So, is it better to be a two or a three (seed)? So, you’ve got to play to win and if you win you hope good things happen.”

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