Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Iona In MAAC Quarterfinals


Postgame Comments Following Siena MAAC Quarterfinal loss to Iona:

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“Great game. When I came here I said we’d press, run and create excitement. Our kids didn’t quit.”

“I thought today was like our season. I wanted it to become a two-point contest. If you look at our shooting percentage minus the three-point line we shot like 60%. I wanted them (Iona) to take twos.”

“Ryan Oliver and I were just chatting about, “You’re shooting an unbelievable percentage from the two point line in the last month which I’ve reiterated, how well you’re doing.’ I’m like, ‘Ryan just don’t take bad threes and then you’ll make twos and then you’re threes will go. His three at the end was huge.”

“This year about  half way through the year we weren’t really having much fun. I thought Evan and Rob did a great job, especially Evan of saying, ‘Let’s have some fun. Lets just get it together and do what we’ve gotta do. Then we won a few.”

“We sort of got it together in terms of it doesn’t matter how you play but it’s how you act. I thought our energy was better.”

“We had a kind of unified team this year even though we missed Brett and Imoh big time and then we lost Pat Cole half way. All through that instead of saying forget it, we stuck together.”

“We had a lot of close games. We played Iona as tough as anybody this year. We battled them all three games. We played Manhattan tough, Monmouth on the road last game of the year five minutes to go we had the lead.”

“I’m proud of this team. They’re good people. The good news is on May 10th they’re going to graduate, these two guys (Poole and Hymes). Our GPA’s are in control. Everything’s doing fine. Now we just have to find a way to win a few more games.”

“We’re gonna miss Rob Poole and Evan Hymes cause they were good in practice everyday. They were fun to coach. They’re good people.”

“I thought what Lavon did today was amazing.”

“It was a great game. AJ English is a good player. I hope everyone enjoyed him cause he’s going to be in the NBA next year. The Spurs, Knicks, Pacers and Celtics were here today. That guy’s an NBA player and I know NBA players. I’ve coached 10 of them.”

“He (English) made a big three and we were on him and we played defense and it went in. That’s how our year went. We’ve got to work on our three-point defense but on the other hand a really, really, really good player on a really, really, really good team made a really tough shot in hard circumstances.”

“I’m proud of the Siena Saints program. The fans, than you so much. This is why the tournament should be in Albany cause that was a great game. It was great for everyone around. I hope everyone will come out and watch more basketball.”

On coaching for Siena as the home team  vs at Loyola in the MAAC Tournament:

“Of course it’s better. Are you kidding me? They used to try to kill me coming out of that tunnel. I love coaching here. this is a good place and we’re working on some things to make it a better program. Everbody (at Siena) was always nice to me. That’s why I knew this was a great job when I was the coach at Loyola. They wanted to beat me but the next day they were nice to me. It wasn’t just because I was tipping 50’s. That happened too.”

“I got a text from someone at Loyola where I used to coach about how much she misses this tournament and how great it is in Albany and how she wishes she was here, meeting with her friends and being in a crowd. So, that made me happy this morning. I agree with that person. This is a special thing in the MAAC. I got that from someone whose not in the MAAC anymore ho said how great it was. In two years she dearly misses it. All the friends and fans and all the TV coverage and all the great basketball. Maybe we ought to take it from someone who had something and lost it and appreciate how great this tournament is and how it does deserve to be in Albany.”

“I’ve got another friend who’s out at Oregon and he saw our attendance numbers the first couple of games and he said, ‘Wow. You guys draw more than we do.’ Thats’ like Phil Knight’s Oregon.”

“It was a great atmosphere. It was great to coach in. I’m really proud of our team and I love our fans. As a coach I’m already evaluating myself. We have to do a better job of defending the three point line and we have to make more next year.”

“We’re just gonna keep building.”

Evan Hymes

“Coach did a great job making sure we new this was gonna be our last run. As seniors we definitely tried to get that out to the young guys. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop AJ on that last shot. That was a great shot. I’m definitely gonna miss this. I’m gonna miss my team mates. I hope they continue to work hard and everything else will be hood for them in the future.

“That’s the loudest since I’ve been here that the Times Union Center has been. Im thankful for all the fans to come out and support u. When Lavon got that dunk the crowd was really rooting for us.”

“One thing. No regrets. We all went out  as a team and practiced as hard as we could everyday. They were really like my brothers. I truly mean that. I really love those guys. If they continue to work hard everything will be okay.”

“It was real tough but we all are competitors. We all wanted to win the game and we all wanted to win this tournament. Unfortunately we fell short.”

“The future’s bright with ‘Quis coming back, with Lavon, Brett and Imoh and everybody else. They’ll be real good next year.”

Rob Poole

“Coach really empahsised one game at a time and that’s what we were trying to do. Iona has some good players and hit some big shots. I’m really gonna miss it.”

“We have great fans here. It helped us on defense and I think it messed them up on offense. You can’t really hear anything. They did a great job.”

“I love it here. It’s great. Playing for Coach Patsos was probably the greatest thing for me. Gave me a lot of life lessons, getting me ready for life and getting me ready to go on to other things.”

” I scored an okay amount of points and won the CBI Championship but I don’t think I left a mark where people are gonna be like, ‘Oh hey remember him?’ I’m just happy I was able to play with a bunch of great players and be a part of this great program.

Lavon Long

“It was just the energy having me come down and get a dun and right after that get an and-one. I think I just energized the whole team that we can win this.”

On success getting it inside:

“It’s because of Javion. Get him the ball in the paint deep and he’ll score. I think he really sets the tone.”


Iona coach Tim Cluess

“I’m very proud of my team for winning their 12th road game of the year. I thought they gave a great effort out there. Credit to Siena for playing as hard as they did as well. We’re fortunate enough to get the win and move on.”

Was the win a relief?

“NO. It’s actually enjoyment. When we win I’m always happy cause a win is a win and you win on the road it’s great.”

On whether he thinks it’s fair having to play in this environment after the season they’ve had:

“I think you already know the answer to that and what I’m going to say. So, I don’t have to repeat it for the 99th time.”

On whether the tournament format should be changed

“There’s a lot of things I think but I don’t run the league so I’ll leave that up to the man in charge. He’s been around longer than I have. He doesn’t need me to agree with him.”

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