Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Iona In MAAC Final

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Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Iona In MAAC Final:

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“Javion Ogunyemi was from Troy. When I got the job the first thing I did was go meet him. He said I’m gonna look at other school because there’s been a coaching change and then he had faith. Brett Bisping was some kid from Illinois that weighed 50 pounds less and shot threes and didn’t do anything aggressive or tough and he’s turned into one the best players in the history of this program, both of them.”

“Javion 2nd in blocked shots (Siena all time). Brett’s just a double-double machine, does all the hard work. Brett just came in and said I know I gotta change what to I have to do. And he worked hard. He did every day.”

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster. We’re all emotionally roller coastered out. It was a great game.”

On Nico Clareth’s missed three for the win:

He made every one yesterday He tried today. I’m a loyal guy. That guy got us here. I was hugging nico. he got us here. I don’t mean just yesterday. He had the look. You wanted him to shoot yesterday. So, I wanted him to today too.”

“He (Clareth) was an important part of our group. The seniors were the most important and them him and Shivers what a year he had as a freshman. That was our main six.”

“The non-conference strength of schedule, in this league, there’s no one near us. We are far above anyone else. That’s gonna change because there’s a scheduling policy coming and we’ll see how everybody else handles it when it happens.”

“We didn’t quit. That was a lot of adversity. Tonight we were fine. we just kept coming back, coming back but we gotta get a couple stops. We needed one or two stops.”

“They are good (Iona). They’ve got a really good team and a really good coach and they’ve been here before and they got us. but they got us in overtime and we didn’t quit.”

“I wanted to call time out(on Washington’s FT’s at the end) . The referee heard me late so it’s ok. If he made the first I as gonna call time out and see if he missed. we practice half court shots every day. That’s one of my fun things we do and had a feeling we could make it. It shows you one point counts and everything counts. we lost by one.”

“We gave it all we had. They (Iona) answered the bell. You’ve got to give credit to your opponent sometimes. I’ll tell you what we beat Monmouth and they were a tough opponent. When we lost to Vermont and I gave them credit. I gave credit to these teams we’ve played. We fought back all year. We played good opponents.”

“That’s MAAC basketball man. It’s a good representation of the MAAC. It shows you where it’s at., really good players. Now we’ve got to rebuild. They’ve got to rebuild. Everything’s changing.”

“Life’s a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t get that little extra bounce.”

On potentially playing in an alternate postseason tournament:

“I think that’s probably doubtful. My administration will handle that. Our goal was to make it to the NCAA Tournament or the NIT. We were worried about winning tonight. There was no other agenda this week. We never spoke about anything else. 17-17 is really good but we wanted to go to the NCAA.”

“We wanted to go to the NIT (in not the NCAA). We had a chance to go to the NIT. I’m seeing two more wins and we’re in the NIT. Two more wins out of 34 games. That’s on me. Gotta do a better job coaching. It’s not on the players.”

Javion Ogunyemi

On the crowd:

“They helped bring us back in the second half when we got down a little bit. Every tie we had a little play, that can help us. They were very energized and they were there to support us the whole way.”

“Obviously it hurts a lot. Coming into the year we had very high expectations to make it to this game and win this game. To be a couple seconds, one possession, one free throw, one shot short.. it hurts a lot.”

“One day you (Bisping) will be announcing games . One day you (Ogunyemi) be my assistant if I’m still around. These are two guys who are going to be around this program.”

“I told them if this is the worst thing that happens to you then you’re gonna have a pretty good life. Playing here at Siena, a special place to play.”

Brett Bisping

“Right now it hurts but I’m really proud. We fought. We didn’t quit. I can honestly say I think everyone gave it everything they had tonight and you know… you can live with that.”

“It’s been fun. Ups, downs but we always had a good time. You know, I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss playing with them. Yeah, a lot of fun.”

Lavon Long

“We started off friends and ended up family. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to play 4 years of Siena basketball with.”


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