Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Fairfield


Postgame comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos following Sunday’s loss to Fairfield:

“Fairfield, hats off. I think Sydney’s doing a great job. They have three wins in our league. We have three wins in our league.”

“I think we’re doing a lot of good things. I’m not sure Poole going down didn’t shock us a little bit. Like, oh no here it goes again.”

“It’s been a very interesting year. Every time we seem to get something going good, something happens.”

“There’s an old saying of, you think you have life planned out, boy is God laughing. And, boy is He laughing.”

“There were times I thought we could have turned the corner and we’d miss a free throw or say box and 1 on Marcus Gilbert and he’d get a wide open three.”

When asked about Fairfield shooting well (55%) and scoring a lot (79 points) uncharacteristically:

“I echo the sentiment exactly and I asked our team that and they didn’t have an answer for me. Sometimes it’s a little like a dog mentality. People are just shooting well against us but maybe we let them get too many looks early.”

“Once again, it’s my fault. I’ll take the hit as a coach.”

“We have to take better care of the ball. We do this drill. I got it from John Calipari. The first thing you do is catch the ball with two hands no matter where it is. the ball went out of bounds . Did you catch the ball with two hands? No Coach, I forgot. It’s January 13th.”

“We’re 3-3. We’re 6-9. I’ll go with the Parcells, we are what we are. I’ve asked this team this year to buy into different things. At times they do. It’s not wins and losses. I don’t judge on how many we win or lose. It’s just, how did we play? Did we have a chance to win?”

“We’ll play four on three. I’ve done  that with Stefan Curry but I didn’t see him out there today so I guess I didn’t try that. But, we don’t want Gilbert catching the ball and having easy looks. He had 23 points.”

“I’m not mad. There was no yelling in  that locker room. I told them I was really concerned about their focus today.”

“I told them you better be careful, you know. We “killed” them by one (point) last time.”

When asked about  missing key free throws:

“We’re playing on the road. It was a really hostile crowd. Oh wait that’s right. We’re playing at home. I couldn’t agree more. If you’re coming for an argument you’ve come to the wrong place. Yeah, you’ve got to make free throws.”

“I was excited. I had my church outfit on and everything. I was super excited to play. I had some friends come in from Boston, friends from here but I don’t know what makes kids excited anymore. I watch TV games and I come in and say, ‘Did you see that game? Did you see how lucky we are?’ I wont cast aspersions on other teams in our league. They can put any number they want out there but I saw the number (attendance). Wow. We are really lucky to live in Disney World of the MAAC. Meaning how great a situation. If anyone wants to go in there and try to convince them other that me I will gladly pay you because I can’t seem to get that through to certain people on our team.”

“This is how the season is gonna go I predict. I think this is about it. Because we can’t get a guy to score off the bench. I have a guy who hasn’t made a three point shot all year. I have two guys that haven’t made a three-point shot all year and the first thing they did was shoot a three. I said play defense and rebound and they went ok. WHAM! And. I went alright. Good for you. I’m officially old and you’re officially a college student. You’re sticking it right into me. Good for you. I guess I’m officially part of the establishment. I feel like I’ve arrived.”

“Hey go in there rebound and play D. We’l be really good. They throw it to ’em, BAM! Another guy they throw it to, some crazy shot. I’m not gonna sugar coat that. We’ve asked guys, this is your role and that’s one of the issues of this job cause you get a lot of attention when things are good. You walk down the street and everybody says great win over Niagara and all that. I said Fairfield’s coming in. We killed them in the last 2 seconds of the game (last time) so we should just beat them again. I go we gotta be really ready to play and I think Gilbert’s one of the 1st team all-league players and next thing I know he’s getting a wide open three.”

“Nothing great was ever achieved without emotion.”

“Our record says what we are.  We are what we are and if we all play together we have a chance. If everybody is not going to row as hard as they can, we’re not going to do anything this year. We’re not talented enough.”

“I’ll live and learn and keep recruiting.”

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