Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Cornell


Postgame Comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos following loss to Cornell:

“We’re a work in progress. Its funny, I watch the NBA and I was reading the paper today and I looked at the Indiana Pacers and they’re 8-19. They had a guy leave, Lance Stephenson and they had a guy get hurt. I haven’t seen them highlighted much his year. Maybe we’re the Indiana Pacers. I’m not just blaming injuries. I’m just saying the Indian Pacers were one of the most talked about teams in the NBA last year and I haven’t heard about them this year. That caught my eye.”

“We’re missing people but we’re content to use excuses to not battle for 40 minutes and it’s been going on. 3-7 is about where we are. I talked to the team about that. Maybe we gave one away. but it’s like just stop the drive, we foul. Shot fake, pull-up jumper, ok I’ll settle for the three. When you’re undermanned you have to do the little things. ”

“If it doesn’t change, we won’t win. We did some really good things tonight. Then all of a sudden we stopped doing them. Our shooting is really disappointing, because we were a good shooting team, and some of those shots were open.”

“At some point it’s just the will to win; the proud program has a will to win. I don’t see anything negative, but I don’t see anything positive. I just see this vanilla blend. I see this very steady thing. And we’re not talented enough to do that.”

“Shonn Miller’s a very good player. He sat out last year and learned a lot so I hope our guys sitting out learn a lot. You learn a lot by sitting out.”

“Bill Courtney’s a really good coach. They’re doing a really good job a Cornell. They’re building it back the right way. They got rid of some guys too. Which is inspirational for me.”

“It was a one point game at the half and we got a stop coming out. It was like hey you can win this thing and we’re like ok. If we don’t its everybody’s fault who’s injured and it’s ok. I don’t know what to tell you anymore. I’m not gonna lose my mind.”

“I got the technical because I thought I was right. Leading up there was a couple of calls that I thought could go either way. Maybe the refs are watching the emotion of our team and saying that’s who gets the calls. Good officiating crews. The referees are fine. So I felt like saying hey, I don’t think that was right so I’ll get a T. Maybe that should fire our team up. The next thing I know we chuck a pull-up three when I was saying drive the ball to the basket.”

“We’ll understand what it takes to win or we won’t. We have another trial game before the MAAC where I said it counts and then we’ll see what happens.”

“I think we’ve got some guys that can really play. I think we can spread it out and drive and kick it more. But all the sudden we settle for a three. I’m not naming names but some guys have to pick it up when other guys are down.”

“Oklahoma City, I watched them without Durant and I saw some guys really try to go and they were winning games. We’re just like, ok they’re out so it’s ok.”

“When you have success you have to worry about believing that it was actually you, in my opinion. You have to remember that it was we and us and Siena and the program. I have preached that it’s about Siena Basketball. I have preached that this program is about us and we and buying in and if someone gets hurt, someone else steps up and you play hard in the Times Union Center and all that. So. we’ll keep trying. I’m not blaming them.”

“My message to the team was have a Merry Christmas and understand how lucky you are to be here. But, we have another game against Bucknell and then we’ll see where we go cause after that I can’t make any excuses.”

“We could come in last in the MAAC if we don’t change in my opinion. That would worry more as a player but I cant press reset on the video game. They think they can. I don’t know what to tell you more than that.”

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More Postgame Comments:

Cornell coach Tom Courtney:

“I thought we played a really good ball game tonight, a really good team victory. We didn’t play great in the first half. We started off turning the ball over a little bit too much, not necessarily forced and that was the problem for us in the first half. we didn’t shoot very well.”

“I thought in the second half we were very poised in our attack and we did a great job of sharing the basketball and getting inside. I think that really elevated us a little bit.”

“We continued to play good defense. Which we’ve pretty much done all year. we’re a work in progress and we’re a team that’s getting better. It was good to see us come out in the second half and play like the team we’re capable of.”

“We’ve been pretty good all year shooting free throws. Obviously, knowing they’re a very aggressive team and they might commit some fouls it was an emphasis for us. we’ve done a pretty good job of converting those opportunities.”

“They play hard. Give them credit, especially playing with an undermanned roster to continue to play that hard. It’s a testament to coach Patsos that the continued fighting to the very end.”

On focusing on Poole:

“He definitely was a key guy for us that we talked about. It was different because Shonn Miller was matched up on him and Shonn is used to guarding post guys or front court athletic guys so having to guard a shooter was a little different for him especially only having a day to prepare. I thought he did a terrific job of staying attached to him and not letting him get a whole bunch of open looks.”

Cornell’s Galal Cancer

On defense fueling offense:

“I think it helped a lot especially in transition. We pride ourselves on trying to create as many fast break opportunities as possible, securing the defensive rebound or creating steals. I thought that helped us out tremendously.”

On returning to Albany and the Times Union Center:

“It was very exciting. I had a lot of family here, high school teammates, high school classmates, high school coach. So, it was definitely really exciting.”

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