Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Canisius

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Postgame comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos, Brett Bisping, Rob Poole and Canisius coach Jim Baron.


Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“I want to thank our fans. It was a great atmosphere.”

“I really like this building. I know it’s going back to Albany but Springfield, we talked about getting better every year as a team and Springfield has been better every year.”

“What I told our players is the guys up there in the Basketball Hall of Fame are there because they can close out games. It’s nothing wrong with our team. They were better than us.”

“They had five guys in double figures. They made ten threes and they made all their free throws.”

“Great year. Really proud of our team. Nobody thought we’d have 15 wins.”

“Brett Bisping might have improved as much as anybody in the country at the mid major level.”

“I thought Rob Poole was all year….bought in. Thank You Rob. The day I got the job he said, ‘It’s cool. We’re gonna change. We’re gonna be better. We’re gonna run. I watched your teams run at Loyola and I’m gonna do my best to handle you yelling at me’. I don’t yell. I encourage loudly.”

“I told everybody what a good player Baron was. It’s his 6 assists.”

“They were making all their free throws so we couldn’t really foul.”


On looking forward to next season:

“I wouldn’t say like right now I’m looking forward to next season. I’m gonna have a heart attack. I have to get in shape. That always stinks. My health kick starts after the last game that’s why I was a little depressed. I have to start yoga. I do. I signed up, 9:30 in Saratoga. It’s disgusting but I’ll do it.”

“I am looking forward to next year because Patrick Cole is gonna join us but we have everybody back.”

“Ryan Oliver hit a big 3 today. I think he’s coming. Evan Hymes is growning into his role. These two guys are great (Poole and Bisping). We gotta get Imoh a little bit of an offensive move. What Marquis and Lavon did for freshmen in this league. This is a tough league.”

“Patrick Cole is in our arsenal right now. He won’t start but he’ll give us a really big scoring punch. He can score a lot. He’s an offensive machine. He gets buckets.”

“It’s been a fun team to coach. I love Siena. It’s been a great ride.”

“They’ve got 4 seniors that start. One’s a fifth year senior. Billy Baron, I love that kid. He’s a nice kid too. Billy Baron’s a class act. He’s a heady player. He was willing to distribute.”

“Let’s face it. They beat us on the boards. I wrote down that we could beat them on the glass and we got beat on the glass. Look I’m not a genius. That ball went up there. We got them to miss and we didn’t get the ball.”

“Maybe if we had Angela’s (from CollegeInsider) shoes on we would have gotten the ball. We could have used a little height. If we had those shoes on we would have gotten a few more rebounds. Those are like 8 inch heels. We were wearing flat sneakers. Next time heels.”

“We’re there but be careful thinking, like…. we’re not going from 15 to 20 (wins) because we have good fans. We gotta do more work.”

“Wolfe, I’m glad we played him this year. People said red-shirt Wolfe. But, I found out more by playing him. He has to get better and tougher. Wolfe’s on the list of, could make a big jump. People said, ‘Was it a waste of a year?’  No way. We earned what he has to work on.”


Rob Poole

“They offensive rebounded the ball. Manhertz was a beast down there and we really couldn’t stop him and that was the difference.”

“It was tough. They’ve got a great player in Billy Baron. He hits those tough three-point shots and gets to the rim. We played hard but we just couldn’t finish down the stretch.”

Brett Bisping

“Coach always stays on me during the games cause I think he knows for some reason I play better. Everything he says to me is try to make me play better. I think that’s his only goal.”


Canisius coach Jim Baron

“We’d beaten them twice before and we knew it was gonna be a dog fight. They’re a very good team and they were playing with a lot of confidence.”

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