Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Canisius


More Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss To Canisius

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“47-32 (first half score) is what happened. After that it’s all irrelevant. Biggest game of the year because they’re all big. Every home game is big. I’m just a little disappointed that it was 47-32 at halftime. We don’t yell. we don’t scream. We just talk to the players and say you’re better than that and they came out and played pretty good in the second half.”

“Those three young referees are good referees. Don’t read into any of that stuff. On a Saturday night it’s really hard for mid majors to get good referees. We had good referees. It was just an emotional thing. We didn’t have a lead referee though. There was no lead referee out there. These 3 guys are very young guys and there was no lead official so there was no one to talk to, to figure out what was going on. We’re developing young officials in the MAAC. That’s why they go on to the Big Ten and all that. It didn’t have anything to do….. 47-32 t halftime is why we lost to a very good Canisius team that I was very aware of and made very aware to our players how good they were.”

“Valenti just murdered us early.”

On if timing of technicals hurt the team:

“No. That’s a loaded question because we came back and played better after that. Didn’t we? I’m asking you.”

“Their assistant coach was yelling down at me. There was no one in charge out there, no lead official. Three young officials but no one to say, you sit down and you sit down. I got an assistant coach down there yelling at me. I’m gonna say something back to ’em like mind your own business or I’ll talk to Reggie Weatherspoon (Canisius head coach). I never yelled at a head coach in my life as an assistant coach and I like everybody.”

“We weren’t emotional enough on the defensive end. They took five charges and we didn’t take any charges. We missed some free throws and layups. You have to convert those. 47-32, down 15 at halftime in  front of the greatest crowd in the MAAC every night, I’m a little disappointed in ourselves why we can’t get ourselves to play better to start a game.”

“Tonight I thought it was gonna be like the bull coming out of the shoot. But is wasn’t, especially on the defensive end.”

“I saw a few blank stares from a couple of different guys on our team. We’re not gonna win with blank stares from certain players on our team.”

“We need our four seniors to play well and then we need someone off the bench to step up. We’re searching for that answer.”

“I’ve said all along, Ive been very pen about this team that I love this team. Theyre very good guys. They do well. We’re nice people but they confuse me.”

Assistant coach Greg Manning

“It shouldn’t take Jimmy and us getting fired up and him getting kicked out to get these guys ready to play for 40 minutes.”

“We fought back but we fell short because we didn’t play well for 40 minutes.”



Brett Bisping

On Siena’s slow start:

“We can’t let that happen. They jumped out and took advantage of it The first half was the story of the game.”

“They shoot a lot of threes. they made some early. We gave them some really good looks and they’re gonna make those shots.”

On the effect of Patsos’ ejection:

“At that point we were pretty motivated. Everybody was pretty fired up. I think it was just and emotional thing. He was fired up too. I think it fired some guys a little bit more. I think we pretty really hard in the second half.” I just see that as he’s fired up. He’s fighting for us. That’s all that is.”

“Its a simple solution. We just have to come out and play hard… from the jump like we did in the second half. There’s no magic beans. We’ve just go to come out and play hard from the jump and we haven’t been going that the last couple home games. We’re running out of time. We’ve got to figure it out soon.”

On if he (Bisping) is confused by this team as Patsos said he was earlier:

“Yeah very. We’ve got four seniors. It seems like we’re not playing consistently, as consistently as we’d like. But you know three games in March are what matters so we’ve got to keep moving forward and stay positive. we’ve got to get ready for the next one. A lot of big games and tough games coming up. We can use all of these games to get ready for March.”

Lavon Long

“It’s just a tough loss.”

On Canisius packing it in defensively:

“It made it hard to get to the rim. I thought we forced a couple of shots we didn’t have to necessarily but that’s your highest percentage so you win some you lose some.”

On whether he can put finger on why team is starting out slow:

“Honestly, no. I think we try to stick the game plan early but then we get back on our heals. We play to our strengths too late.”

Marquis Wright

“Every loss stings a lot. We’ve just got to move on to the next one (game).”

“Starting the way we did hurt us the most. It takes a lot of energy to come back. We’ve just got ot do it from the beginning so it won’t be as hard.”

On playing with energy from the start:

“We’ve just got to do it. Everybody has to commit to doing that from the beginning. It starts from the defense.”

On the team drawing energy and motivation from the crowd in the second half:

“It does and we definitely saw that but we’ve just got to do better at home.”


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