Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss at St. Peter’s


Postgame Comments Following Siena Loss at St. Peter’s from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos:

“Dean Smith said three things:, Play Hard. Play Smart. Play Together,” Jimmy Patsos said. “We’re playing hard and we’re playing together. I think the playing smart thing we can work on.”

“48 points in the second half and (12) turnovers, just turnovers for scores…. what I worry about is we do some things like jump in the air and make a pass or we run this play and look for this and we turn it over, but we might be running out of gas a little.”

“I think we’re doing a good job. We’re really staying together. It’s a work in progress. We have to get ready for Albany (MAAC Tournament).”

“St. Peter’s is good at home and I’m really proud of the way we played early but you gotta win the game and we didn’t.”

“The MAAC is a grind it out, hardhat, emotional league. I thought our emotion was great in the first half. I thought we played great in the first half. Being young, I tried to get us to do that in the second half but I’m also not gonna go crazy. We did good in the first half, let’s maintain the game plan. All of a sudden they’re driving for layups.”

“We missed some easy shots to start the second half that I thought we should have made. If we make those we go up 10 but we missed them.”

“Our defense this year has been very average. We had more energy (1st half) but then we come out and we don’t have as much energy. Im not gonna scream and yell at ’em. I said we’re gonna have to come out and do what we did in the first half.”

“I’m proud of them. We’re battling away. We’re just a little bit short.”

“I told them they were gonna come out with a lot of energy but we didn’t match their energy. I’m doing the best I can with a limited group. I’m getting them ready to play and we were ready to play early but it’s 40 minutes.”

“Javion Ogunyemi’s been a joy to coach. He is the perfect example of I believe everything’s connected. How he acts, how he does in the classroom, the work he’s put in. He keeps getting better. He played poorly against St. Peter’s last game and he took pride in getting a much better game this game. Javion’s been great but he needs a little help.”

“Paige is doing some things early but I think he’s getting tired.”

“I thought we did a really good job defensively in the first half. in the second half I just didn’t see the energy there. 49 points is too many to give up and we weren’t fouling at the end.”

“I thought we missed a few easy buckets to start (2nd half) and then they put their heads down. I’m like hey, its a one point game. That’s how the MAAC is. And I wasn’t yelling. One time I got upset with Marquis because he turned the ball over that led to a score on the other end. But, other than that I didn’t yell.”

“We had great looks. We had two layups we missed. We had a dunk we missed and a layup we missed, one of the uncontested but it’s my fault. I’m the coach. It’s gonna be my fault for the rest of this year I guess is what I’m saying.”

“I’m just gonna stay with this team. It’s gonna be a work in progress. We need a couple of more guys. We don’t have ’em. there’s no place I can find them. In have to make Jimmy Paige better and I gotta make Willem better. In thought they did okay tonight.”

“We need a little leadership but you can’t just make it up. I can’t reach into a bag and pull out leadership.”

“At some point our seniors are gonna have to step up and lead us.”

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