Postgame Comments Following Siena Home Win Over Niagara


Here are the highlights from postgame comments from Jimmy Patsos, Marquis Wright, Rich Audu, Brett Bisping, Evan Hymes  and Rob Poole following Siena’s 66-62 home win over Niagara.

Saints Seal Dramatic Win Over Niagara

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

On the win:

“I just told the players I could give you some speech about, we didn’t play well. But, I said I’m only kidding, I’m happy we won. In the MAAC you’re happy when you get a win.”

“I don’t care how we played. I don’t care if the start was late. Coming off a road win, most teams would have lost that game and they wouldn’t lose it.”

On Rich Audu:

‘We don’t win that game without Rich Audu. I just thought we were flat. I said, “ Really? You don’t think I’ll play him?’ You know who worked the hardest in practice yesterday, Rich Audu. He was Marvin Jordan (on the scout team). I’ve been on him this year about some things he doesn’t do. Rich Audu wins us that game emotionally.”

“Rich Audu said give me a chance coach. I’ll get emotional. I said good, get in there. The guy makes a three, plays good D. He inspires Marquis.”

“We have ten wins. I don’t think we have anybody winning us more than two games for us in terms of who got credit for winning. Tonight, emotionally Rich Audu wins that game for us.”

“He worked hard in practice when everybody around campus and around the city said, ‘Hey, Siena’s back. Everything’s great. ’ Siena’s not back yet. We’re on our way back. We’re climbing the hill.”

On Antoine Mason:

“He does a great job of getting to the line, but I like my guy that had 15 on him, Rob Poole. Rob Poole was guarding him and he’s not afraid to guard a guy and then go back and go at him. I’m really impressed with that.”

“I think Antoine Mason’s a good player. He’s gonna be a very interesting guy at the next level. I still think Billy Baron’s the best player in the league because of all the things he does. But, Mason can really score. He’s gonna be the next great player in this league.”

On Evan Hymes:

“Evan’s got a bad back. Evan’s done a great job of accepting his role off the bench. Maybe he’s a hometown guy. He’s really played well for us at home. I said I know your back’s hurt if you don’t want to go and then right away he said I’m going. I’m ready for the second half. He was leading us in the huddle. He gets a lot of credit for that. A big three too, made it.”

On Marquis Wright:

“I think Marquis Wright continues to grow as a leader.”

“That’s why he kinda pushed me at the end. That was his playful way of saying I am going hard Coach.”

“I’m not easy to play for cause I’m like, ‘Go hard. Take it easy. Take it right back at ‘em. Stop ‘em. Pass the ball. He’s like I’m trying to stay under control but at some point I want the ball in my hands and I want to go for it. I said ok.”

“I thought he played well off the ball screens. That was him saying I want to run the offense but let me go coach. I can beat ‘em. He’s growing because he’s communicating more. He’s kind of a quiet kid but he’s a really good competitor and I was really proud of him. That’s a tough free throw. They tried to ice him and I was like, this is the Super Bowl. It’s a football term when the kicker comes out. I’ll explain it tomorrow. Welcome to my life.”

Other Comments from Patsos:

“We can’t afford to not be emotionally ready. We can’t afford to have bad practices. But, I coach 18-22 years olds and that can happen.”

“Lavon’s not afraid to throw the ball at the end.”


Comments from Marquis Wright

On the late game breakaway play:

“I was supposed to go to the ball but I told Lavon just look for me deep and he did and it worked out. He just told me I was his wide receiver.”

On the challenge of playing the nation’s leading scorer, Antoine Mason:

“We wanted to contain him the whole game, him and Jordan and that’s what we did. We hold it down and got the win. It takes a team effort.”

On when Patsos said, “They are trying to ice you”:

“He said they’re trying to freeze you and I told him, ‘I got it’.”

On growing as a player:

“I think I’m becoming more of a leader and also being more aggressive on offense.”


Comments from Rich Audu

On hitting the big three:

“Robbie just made a great play. He drew a double team and you just have to hit open shots.”

On Jimmy giving him credit emotionally for the win:    

“I think we’ve been doing together as a unit all year. It’s been different guys. I think this team does a great job of coming together when we need to pull it out.”

On not playing a lot but then coming in to contribute:

“It’s difficult but you’ve got to stay mentally focused and mentally ready.”


Comments from Brett Bisping:

On his two dunks to start the game:

“It was kinda cool to get my first couple of dunks here at Siena. The first one was a great pass from Imoh. That was nice. And, the second one, when I caught the ball with my back to the basket I saw that there were more people in front of me than behind me so I knew it was gonna be a good look.”

On guys stepping up:

“We had some guys really step up. We had a lot of big plays. We had a big three by Evan. We had a big three by Rich. Marquis made a big play at the end. We just had a lot of guys come through that we’ve come to expect to come through so that’s good for us.”

On Rich Audu:

“Rich is a real tough guy. He brings a lot of energy to practice for us so we expect that from him when he comes into a game. I’m real happy for him that he could do that. It’s good that it can come from a lot of different guys like that.”

On another home win:

“Like I’ve always said. We appreciate our fans. Our fan support has been constant since I’ve been here so we like to put on a good show for them. In general it’s kind of a basketball thing to protect your home court. Albany is our place so we want to protect it.”


Comments from Evan Hymes:

On the win:

“It was a great win. Niagara, they have Antoine. He’s a great scorer. They have Jordan. We held those guys below their average so that’s a good thing. Credit goes to coach Luke with the scout. He did a great job. We know their tendencies. It was a team effort on defense.”

On the play of Rich Audu:

“That was a BIG shot. Coming in, hasn’t played one minute in the game, and to take that shot to tie the game it just shows his character. He’s willing to not play those minutes. He’s willing to play the four. He’s only 6-2. As long as we win, he doesn’t care. He’s just gonna come out and compete. He has that tenacity in practice. He’s been practicing hard and that’s what we need.”

On another home win:

“Being sponsored by Under Armour, their slogan is, “Protect This House”. Coach tells us all the time, Niagara is gonna try to come in and rob you house tonight. You can’t let them do it. That’s just been out thought process all week, and we came in and got the win.”


Comments from Rob Poole:

On Niagara trying to ice Marquis Wright at the free throw line by calling a time out:

“Jimmy went nuts. He was telling him, ‘They are trying to ice you and you better take this personal.’ And, he did. He came out and hit the shot. I knew the whole time he was gonna hit it. It was a big shot for ‘Quis.”

On Rich Audu:

“We have a lot of guys that can play. Rich has been playing great all year for us in practice. He has been busting his butt, doing everything. He deserves to hit that shot. He can make that shot. When he hit that shot it turned the whole game around.”

On another home win:

“It’s the biggest thing if you want to become a great team you’ve got to win your home games. We gotta keep protecting our court here and hopefully we do it well and steal a couple of road games.”

On playing the nation’s top scorer:

“He’s a great player, Mason. Getting 28 a game. The funny thing was I was watching ESPN three nights ago and they brought his name up and I’m like, Oh! I’m playing him this Thursday man. It’s gonna be great. He didn’t have his best game and he still had 18 points. You can’t stop him you just have to contain him.”

On defensive strategy against Mason:

“Help D. We put a whole bunch of different guys on him. We tried to tire him out and Jimmy did a great job of rotating guys in and out and that’s what happened.”


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