Postgame Comments Following Siena CBI Win Over Penn State

Postgame comments from Jimmy Patsos, Lavon Long, Brett Bisping, Evan Hymes, Rob Poole,  Ryan Oliver and Penn State Head Coach Pat Chambers following Siena CBI win over Penn State

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“This is about postseason. The MAAC really cares about the postseason. They helped us get in this tournament. We owe it to all the teams in the MAAC cause they taught us this year how to play hard.”

“You don’t get away without playing hard in the MAAC. I thought today we did a lot of little things that were kinda grinding and that’s the way the MAAC is, the Little Engine That Could.”

“Poole was Poole. He did some weird things but he hit big shots.”

“Lavon, that’s why we recruited Lavon, cause he’s a funny matchup. And they didn’t really understand that he’s a left-handed kid that, he’s a Big Ten guy. His mother played in the Big Ten. She was a leading rebounder for Vivian Stringer at Iowa, a Big Ten school. So Lavon Long’s got it in this blood to play Big Ten and I appreciate that.”

“I thought maybe Evan was getting caught up in wanting to play a little fast. You can’t do that against a Big Ten team. They’re patient and they’re strong. Evan’s quick defensively. Ryan’s bigger. It’s tough for little guys against the Big Ten.”

“We just wanted to fake the handoff. The credit goes to Greg Manning. Greg Manning drew the play up. We did that when we beat Georgetown in 1994 and then they stopped playing us at Maryland. Me and Greg discussed it and we knew they were gonna go to Poole so we faked the handoff then go and then  shoot it high and if he misses we should get the rebound cause I didn’t want them to go down and score.”

“We are a balanced team. That helps us a little bit.”

“It was a very, tough game and we knew it was but they started making threes. They shot threes better than I thought. Their big guys are good and our big guys are good.”

“Lavon Long’s the difference in terms of our three man can match up cause most of the three men in the MAAC are really guards. Lavon’s really a power three. Today that was to our advantage. That’s not always the advantage in the MAAC but today it was.”

“I told Ensor and John D’Argenio this. If we get one rebound we’ll win. They got the next three for scores. This is all on me and how I live my life.”

“I didn’t have to go to yoga tonight. I was scheduled for yoga at 6 pm so I’ve been begging the team to win so I can eat cheeseburgers instead which I did and I’m going to have another one.”

“I think John Griffin doing the game was important. He talked about building this program when they didn’t play downtown. He talked to our team about the importance of this program. John Griffin started the program really and Deane too it to the new heights.”

“Beating Penn State’s cool. That’s what we want. We play tough teams all the time in the MAAC. Our league doesn’t back down from anybody.”

“We’re not afraid in the MAAC to play teams. To get one on the home court that’s why I wanted to hold serve for the league cause we had a big guy come to us, let’s not blow it.”


Lavon Long

“I was expecting us to win so I’m not that shocked. I’d be more shocked if we lost.”

“I don’t know if I’m a Big Ten player. I’m just a basketball player like any other person.”

On if playing a physical type game suits him

“In some ways yes in some ways no. They play kinda dirty and I wasn’t expecting that. Other than that it’s cool. It’s fun.”

“I think it’s a big accomplishment especially for this team being young and all and the record last year. We came a long way. It’s definitely going to open a lot of doors for us later on.”

On being lifted up during the court storm

“The first time they only had one leg so I was sideways and the somehow they picked me up again. It was kinda fun for the first time.”

On playing in the postseason as a freshman

“I don’t know. It’s my first time. (laughs) Cool I guess. A little banged up. But, it comes with the territory I guess.”


Brett Bisping

“It’s a great win for the team. We had a lot of different guys step up. Lavon had that crazy stretch where he just went off. We wouldn’t have won without him. Evan made the big bucket. Rob hit some tough shots. Everybody just contributed.”

“The MAAC is a tough league, a physical league and they (Penn St.) were a physical team. There weren’t a lot of touchy foul calls. It was tough but it’s fun to play that way. We like playing that way and we’re good at playing that way.”

On whether having played in so many close games was a benefit

“I think it definitely was. When we had the ball tied, 9 seconds left I just felt like we had a confidence. We knew we had the game in our hands and that’s a good feeling. Those situations throughout the year definitely have helped us.”

On advancing in the CBI

“This is what we are here to do. Go to school, and then play basketball. We all love it and we just want to keep playing. A lot of teams are done and we’re still playing so we’re fortunate and lucky that we have that.”


Evan Hymes

“It keeps going. We just want to continue to do what we’ve been doing all year and that’s play hard and have fun. That’s Patsos’ two rules.”

“We’re definitely learning and this team can only go up from here.”

“I just came off a flat screen hard, faked the handoff to Rob and everyone went with Rob because he’s been playing great all year. I just did what Patsos wanted me to do and drive the ball hard right.”

“It’s always good to beat a Big Ten team and they beat Ohio State twice this year. It just shows you how good we can be. We just want to continue to move forward.”


Rob Poole

“I was hoping to God he didn’t make that full court shot. When he stepped out of bounds it was a relief cause he’s a great player and he definitely could have made a play to win the game.”

On outrebounding Penn State

“We have tough guys on our team, big strong guys and we can rebound with any team in the country. That’s what we pride ourselves on in practice. Coach knows what he’s doing and that’s what he wanted to go for.”

“It’s great. I don’t think a lot of people thought we’d be in a postseason tournament. The credit goes to Patsos and all the players here. All the hard work we put in and it’s just really nice.”

“We have some tough people in the MAAC, big strong guys. I think the entire year, playing Purdue, Memphis, St. Joe’s, LaSalle we prepared ourselves for a game like this.”


Ryan Oliver

“It’s a big win for the program. We battled. They battled. They’re a good team, hats off to them but we came through in the end.”

“Any time you beat a BCS school it’s a big deal. We came together when Marquis went down. That was the whole thing throughout the game. Stay together, stay together.”

“Lavon had a big game. Brett had a big game, Evan and Rob hit big shots. We all stepped up in our role and brought us to victory.”

“In practice I’ve been running the one a lot so I’ve been familiar with it. When Marquis went down I just wanted to take control of the game, make the right passes and get everyone involved.”

“March Madness is March Madness. As a kid growing up you just want to be playing in March so we just have to keep fighting.”


Penn State Head Coach Pat Chambers

“Give Siena and Coach Patsos a lot of credit. They made all the plays down the stretch. Hit big time layups when the needed to, big free throws when they needed to. And, they got contributions from multiple people.”

“Statistically it’s wild, just wild. Looking at the stats, we made six threes we forced 16 turnovers and we lost. The glaring thing is 12-22 from the free throw line and we only had one guy in double figures.”

“I said it to John Griffin and Scott Graham, if we only have one guy score, it’s gonna be a tough night for us. If we have two or more we’d be ok. Obviously, it’s disappointing.”

On first half foul trouble

“Obviously that hurt. Two of our better players, our second and third leading scorer down for a good chunk of time and that’s when they made their run. Great job by Siena. Great job by Coach (Patsos).”

“Our younger guys need to step up. They need to make plays. We had some costly turnovers at some pivotal points in the game first half and second half. They (Siena) made the necessary plays at critical points in the game.”

On the game winning play by Hymes

“We knew they were gonna run a ball screen. I’ve seen Hymes do it on film. We knew what to expect. That’s what’s great about Jimmy. It’s like hey, Lombardi sweep right and that’s what he did. I thought we were ready for it and obviously the kid makes a great play, tough shot.”

On Tim Frazier

“I feel for him. He struggled tonight. But, what a career he had. What an amazing 5 years, what a legacy he’s left at Penn State. He’s paved the way for us to be very successful in the very near future.”

“He’s here one year. He’s got a young team. It can only help to speed up the process a little bit for freshmen and sophomores. They’re gonna be a very good team in that league next year.”


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