Postgame Comments Following Siena CBI Semifinal Win Over Illinois State

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The Siena Saints march through the postseason continues at they advance to the College Basketball Invitational Finals.

“I was scheduled for yoga….so I’ve been begging the team to win so I can eat cheeseburgers instead which I did and I’m going to have another one.” -Jimmy Patsos following semifinal win over Penn State. Let them eat cheeseburgers!

Here are the postgame comments following Siena’s CBI Semifinal win over Illinois State from Jimmy Patsos, Brett Bisping, Ryan Oliver, Marquis Wright, Evan Hymes, Rob Poole

Jimmy Patsos

“Very interesting game. Great start due to my coaching motivational techniques.”

“I think the home court won. I think our first five minutes won it.”

“It was an interesting games in terms of Lavon doesn’t score, Imoh doesn’t score, Javion doesn’t score. But Brett Bisping’s turning into one great player. Obviously he took it a little personal that he wasn’t recruited by Illinois State.”

“I thought Poole was really good early.”

“I’m afraid to talk about Ryan Oliver because it might like jinx him. That guy’s been playing so good for us. That’s cause he played in the MAAC. He came from Beverly Hills. He tries to say he’s from Compton but he’s not. He went to Loyola High School in Beverly Hills. The second most expensive high school in the country.”

“Ryan Oliver found out and he adapted to the MAAC. It’s a tough league that has good guards. There’s a lot of undersized guys that can really play lots of positions. Ryan figured out that we weren’t gonna come to him. He was gonna have to come to us.”

“Evan made some big shots.”

“We were lucky. Poole and Brett were really ready to go early. Javion played good defense. Ryan Oliver just continues to be a great sixth man.”

“I wasn’t pleased with Lavon. I thought he thought it was gonna be easy because of Penn State. Lavon’s an interesting cat. I love Lavon but I was mad at him because he didn’t pick up Evan Hymes off the floor.”

“Illinois State is really good. I wouldn’t wanna play them in the future. I don’t believe they start a senior and that big guy’s really good. I tried to trade for him at halftime. They said no.”

“It’s great. No one thought we’d have 18 wins. I wouldn’t have taken that bet either. The only person on record that thought we’d have a winning record is Gary Williams. He said after he watched our team practice that we could have a winning record. He was the first guy that said boy that Brett Bisping’s good. He reminds us of the Terrapin 4 men. Hard-working, grinding, shooting, face-up, do a little of everything, dirty work. He knew Poole could play and he knew Hymes could play. The young guys he just fingured they were from Maryland so they’re good.”

“He really thought we could have a winning record and right now we do. It’s a tremendous accomplishment.”

“3,900 people in two days’ notice is incredible. It’s a credit to our fans.

On playing a 3-game Championship Series:

“I made it to the NBA. Here’s my check. No I didn’t. I’m just kidding. They overpay me here. I didn’t mean it in that way. Phil Jackson’s getting sixty million. I accept. I’m the new coach of the Knicks.”

“It’s exciting. It’s probably a little more of a chess match. We’ll go and we’ll play and no matter what we’ll have the chance to come back here. It’s gonna be fun.”

“Anybody want my Final Four tickets cause now I can’t go.”


Brett Bisping

On playing vs. a team near his hometown that didn’t recruit him:

“It crossed my mind a couple times when I was in a little lull. I guess it gave me a little energy. For the most part I tried to play like I normally would.”

On playing for a championship”

“It’s great. That’s what we set out to do. I doubt anyone but us in this locker room thought we’d be playing this time of year. We’ll be one of ten teams left and we’re all excited about it.”

On getting off to a quick start:

“Jimmy in the pregame told us when you beat a Big Ten team like that a lot of times the next game you can come out in kind of a lull thinking that this team is not going to be as tough and he said that’s not the case. You’re gonna have to come out ready to go. I think that really sent a message to everyone.”

“That’s what you want to be, plying your best basketball this time of year and that’s what we are doign. We were a young team from the start. We knew it would take time to gel. Our freshmen have been phenomenal. Ryan Oliver started playing really well and we have a lot of depth so that helps too.”


Ryan Oliver

“It’s great to be playing in the championship of a post season tournament. It is tremendous. We have to take this opportunity and get ready to go.”

“Last year the season ended short for me so it was kinda tough. This year I came in with a good mindset. I had my family to support me and have my back and keep encouraging me. Then, the coaching staff has been doing a great job too. I’ve just been working hard on my game and getting extra work in the gym late at night.”

“It’s definitely encouraging. the saying is true. hard work pays off. I’m just glad to give my team what I can. We have a great team. We’re deep and any game anybody could go off. I’m just glad to have the opportunity.”


Marquis Wright

“I think we’ve come a long way from the beginning to now. We just have to keep playing with intensity from the jump.”

On playing for the championship:

“It’s very exciting making it this far and nobody even knew we were going to be in this tournament.”

On the experience gained by playing in the Old Spice tournament:

“I think it did prepare us for toughness and quickness and executing and defense. I think that’s the key to us winning right now.”

On facing a three-game series:

“We’re taking it game by game and hopefully winning it.”


Evan Hymes

On being one of the few teams in the country still playing:

“It definitely means a lot to me because my first two years we haven’t been in a postseason tournament and avent been in a championship. We’re just excited to play. These young fellas are definitely excited to try to get their championship in their first year so we’re gonna just keep working.”

“We definitely gelled real well. I love every single one of my team mates. We get along together off the court which definitely helps us on the court. That’s why we move the ball so great. We just want to continue to follow Patsos’ lead and continue to play hard and have fun.”

On getting congrats tweet from governor Cuomo:

“Wow. That’s pretty big. It’s a great accomplishment.”


Rob Poole

On getting congrats tweet from governor Cuomo:

“Oh. It’s nice. I never met the governor but that’s awesome. I’m happy he recognized us.”

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