Postgame Comments Following Siena CBI Championship

cbi champ press conf

Postgame Comments Following  Siena CBI Championship from Jimmy Patsos, Rob Poole, Brett Bisping, Ryan Oliver, Steven Cruz and Lavon Long.


Jimmy Patsos

“It’s a great win for the community. From Day 1 this has been a great job because of all the people involved.”

“This was in the locker room and no one knew about it.”

lockerroom sign

“Everyone did laugh at us. First they ignored us and then they laughed at us and picked us 10th.

“This happened faster than I thought. It’s a credit to the kids. “I was driving in today and the Grateful Dead song, ‘What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been’ played. I said this must be my day. It’s been a long strange trip from Montreal to here. Having guys hurt in the preseason, to Purdue, to the Old Spice, to the MAAC, to Springfield, back then to San Fran, Fresno, to home.”

“We protected our house today. Siena’s the most important thing we represent but we represent the MAAC. We represent Under Armour because Under Armour went on a fly and gave us all this stuff to come to the Albany area. When Kevin Plank texts you and says, ‘don’t forget the thing that started our company was Protect This House, that’s what I told our team. ‘We’re in our real house and we better protect it.’ And we did.”

“Great leadership starts at the top. Father Kevin and John D’Argenio. You don’t have to go any further. Everything that’s happened this year is because of them. They had the vision and they had the courage and they had the will power and the money to say let’s go do some things that are gonna be a little different.”

“It’s about the banners and what’s been going on here for 35 years.”

“My coaching staff was unbelievable this year. They’re a little different cause they have to deal with me all the time. Greg Manning Luke D’Alessio, Lucious Jordan and Garret Kelly deserve as much credit as I do. They work as hard as I do. Sometimes they go out a little too much but other than that they’re good people.”

“Mitch Buonaguro left us some good players. Mitch Buonaguro is a good person and a friend of mine. I don’t know what happened in the past. I wasn’t here. Mitch left us Rob Poole and Brett Bisping. I didn’t find them. They were here and he deserves credit and to share in this. Mitch had a lot to do with the banners that are up here. I don’t think Mitch is mad we won. I think Mitch is happy we won cause he’s a good person.”

“I hate when they yell my name for a lot of reasons. First of all I don’t deserve it. It’s because this is a community thing. Whether its ex-players or guys that grew up in Albany that just love the team and support us. To parents, to the players, to the walk-ons, to the cheerleaders….”

“Father Kevin had to do a wedding. Believe me he almost called in sick but he didn’t. Instead he rented an Irish bar and watched it there at 11:30.  The wedding’s not till 3:00.”

“The most credit of all goes to the players because they won and they bought in.”

“The good news is Poole doesn’t like me and Brett doesn’t like me but I think they love me and that counts more.”

“I’m not sure anyone improved more than Brett Bisping at the Division I level and I’m not kidding. That I will take credit for.”

“We were ready because we play in the MAAC.”

On Pride

“We don’t use that word cause pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I looked them up the other day. Sloth is the one that stood out.”

When asked if he was looking forward to next year

“I need a little vacation. Take it easy over there. How about golfing and hitting it in the woods a few times.”


Rob Poole

“It’s real nice cause we were picked 10th and after the Montreal trip we knew we were a good and we can compete with better teams in the league and in the country. Winning this championship just means a lot. All the controversy that we went through and all the hard work we put in all year. Practices weren’t fun, fights, black eyes, getting hurt all the time but that’s the hard work you need to do to win a championship. We’re real happy.”


Brett Bisping

“We weren’t given a lot this season. We were picked low in the league to start so I think we kinda took that a little personally maybe. We wanted to respond and show people different.”

“We’ve been saying all year that we love our fans. The student section was great again. That’s impressive. We were hoping they’d all come out and they did. That just shows what kind of program we have here.”

“I think this is something we can build on.”

“It’s been fun. It’s been a long year and when we lost vs. Canisius we weren’t sure if we were gonna play anymore or not. We’re obviously happy we did it.”

“Jimmy always pushes me to play better. If I’m having a great game and I mess up he’s not going to let anything slide with me because he knows I don’t have enough raw talent to not play as hard as I can every day. I’m very thankful that he’s my coach right now. He’s pushing me to be better.”

“I think this can springboard us into next year. Having a successful season next year is what we’re planning on. We don’t lose anyone so hopefully we can come back ready to go.”

“We’re gonna miss Cruz a lot.”

“It’s been a long time since I ended the season with a win. It’s a great feeling.”


Ryan Oliver

“This is why you put in all the hard work in the off season. It paid off today. We came out on top. Just proud of our guys. We stuck together all year. We had a tough schedule early on. We could have gotten down on ourselves but we stayed focused on the bigger picture.”

“When we lost in the MAAC we thought it was over. When we found out we had another chance to keep playing we rallied together and we had a goal and we came up with that goal. A 20-win season is great.”

“It’s unbelievable to send senior Cruz off with a win. It’s great. Not many people can end their season with a win so we’re just blessed to be here.”

“This gives us great confidence. We have pretty much everyone coming back. It just brings us closer together. It shows we can play and compete at a high level. We have to take that into the off season and keep making strides.”


Steven Cruz

“It’s a dream come true. Just to end my season this way and end it with these guys. I am gonna miss them so much. I kinda wish I was a freshman honestly.”

“When we lost to Canisius I thought to myself I would never run another suicide again. I think I ran about 20 of them since but honestly it was all worth it. Look at us. We are cutting down the nets.”

“It’s exactly what Siena Basketball should always be about. It’s just a sneak peak of what’s to come for this young team.”


Lavon Long

On summing up the season:

“Amazing. Basically a candy factory. You might not like all the candy but there’s a lot of sweet things in there.”

On last four weeks:

“Grinding. In practice just grinding. Just trying to get here so we can prove ourselves. It’s great. No regrets. You leave it all out on the floor and then you win.”

“We now have the confidence to know that we are capable of winning. We can win championships. And, we can only get better from here.”

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