Postgame Comments Following Loss To Iona


Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“It was a tough game. College basketball is all about emotion and energy and I thought they had better emotion and energy for 40 minutes.”

“There was a time when we made a run. I was really proud of Ryan Oliver. He doesn’t get a lot of chances early and he’s taking advantage. And then Maurice White who wasn’t playing well came out and gave us a lot I thought to go 5 for 7.”

“There’s certain times you can’t have turnovers. I said twice to be solid with the basketball and we just threw the ball out of bounds. You can’t do that against a good team.”

“They made shots. You give up 50% from the 3, you can blame the coach. It’s my fault. I’m the coach. When you give up 50% from the 3 at some point we have to take responsibility for that”

“I was a little worried this year about the young guys taking responsibility. You don’t learn the 4 words that this generation hates which is responsibility, dependability, availability, and accountability. This is not the core values of today’s youth of America according to a guy that coaches. I learned that from Doc Rivers and several others. These guys have to be accountable for the 32 games they play.”

“I knew we’d have some bad practices but I didn’t think we were ready to play today. I thought we were going to be ready to play so, that is my fault as the head coach.”

“We were down three and the guy who was on fire (AJ English) catches the ball and lets it go and we’re a little late putting our hand up. They were hot. The problem is, it was just like the Canisius game. You let guys get hot early and then you have to pay the price later and that’s on us as a team and me as a coach.”

On Sean Armand: We talked about, hey he’s gonna come in and look to get his shots. When you come out and say Armand hasn’t scored you have to really worry about him and all the sudden he’s wide open a couple times. If you don’t know who Sean Armand is cause I surely do. I find it interesting when you say, ‘oh sorry I forgot who he was’. Really? Did you forget who Kobe Bryant was? Cause I didn’t. So, I guess what I’ll say is it’s the coach’s fault. It’s just easier to say it that way.”

“When you win sometimes people start believing what other people say. The problem is with this generation, I said we won a few in a row and got their attention and we really have to be ready tomorrow and we have to go to practice. I thought it started in practice.”

Wright and Bisping fouling out: “It happens. they were paying hard. By the way if we got the missed rebound Marquis doesn’t fouled out. They missed. We had several chances and instead I saw guys backing out of there, then they got a rebound and we reached in. The referees did a good job (long pause).”

On Wright’s 5th foul: “I had a guy at the table. That’s all I can do. When a guy has 3 fouls, once again it’s my fault, Jimmy Patsos. I’m the head coach at Siena. I’m responsible for this loss completely. When you have 3 fouls and you pick up your 4th and I run a guy to the table and we say you have 4 fouls, just take it easy and then you foul out. That’s my fault.”

On getting the technical foul: “Jeff Anderson’s a big time NCAA offcial. It’s kinda like ‘hey Jeff we’re trying to get this thing going’. We took the lead so it’s fine.”

“I just wish they played better because you only play 32 games and we were picked 10th and they were picked 2nd, we’re playing at home in front of 6,000 loyal fans and we get great media coverage and are lucky to be playing college basketball. But, sometimes that’s not enough. Maybe we should pay the players (laughs). Then they’ll play harder.”

“There is a lot of positive. We played great. We’re fighting. We’re 3 and 3 (in the MAAC). Everything’s fine. It’s just one of those we coulda had.”

“The problem is that I’m a guy who believes everything’s connected. I’ll tell you right now, to the media. I didn’t think we gave it our all in practice yesterday for 60 long minutes. I know I wanted my team to go hard for 60 minutes yesterday and I thought we were a little lackadaisical. I didn’t punish them. We didn’t yell. I said ‘hey if we played today we would have lost’. That’s what I said at the end of practice. I said, ‘the good news is we play tomorrow at 2’. But John Wooden is a much better coach then I’ll ever be. He’s 20 times better coach, and what John Wooden says is, ‘you play how you practice’. I said, ‘I was a little concerned, so if I was you guys I’d come out with a little more energy today’. Instead we came out and played like we practiced.”

“These are great kids who are working as hard as they can. I’ve said that from the Montreal trip. We’ve had some ups and downs, the Canisius start, today’s start, the St. Joe’s start. That’s 3 out of 17 games. And that’s not bad for this generation. I’m not worried about Memphis, see Memphis won at Louisville, Memphis won at Louisville, Memphis won at Louisville, Purdue’s in the Big 10. See I’m not worried about those games.”

“I’m officially old, ’cause I call them another generation. We have great kids. I like to hang out with all our kids. I’m not mad at them. We’re not having practice tomorrow like I promised but when you come out and don’t think you have to play defense, you’re gonna lose in the MAAC cause the MAAC is an offensive league.”


Iona Head Coach Tim Cluess

“Siena’s got a heck of a team. Jimmy’s doing a great job with this club and has them playing really well. I thing they’re really good. Jimmy does a great job with them. They have some outside weapons and a lot of inside weapons. Jimmy has them playing really hard, much more physical team than in the past. Jimmy can take it to another battle”

“Every game in this league is a battle. It was no surprise. We’re playing all good teams. This team doesn’t lose at home very often. They have a great crowd and they do a great job here. It’s like the fourth time in 17 or 18 years that Iona has won here.”


Evan Hymes

“They just made big plays. They were up 3. AJ (English) hit a 3 from the top. Ryan contested it. It was a great shot by him. We’ve got to do better defensively in the first half. We gave up 50 (first half) points. We just have to not do that and we’ll be fine.”

At Halftime: “Coach just came in and motivated us. That’s one thing he definitely does well, is motivate us. We came out and we responded. They just made some big plays down the stretch.”

“Just the play calling. Coach was calling some plays for ‘Quis to get into the lane and for me to get into the lane, kicking out for Rob. Riley hit a big three to go up so it was a good job.”

“It was a tough game, Iona being from number 1 in the league we had to come and fight and that’s what we did. They just made big lays down the stretch.”


Ryan Oliver

“It was a tough loss for us but we didn’t play hard for 40 minutes. They made a run. We made a run back but they answered and we couldn’t come through in the finish. We let one slip.”

“We slowed them down in the second half. 50 (first half) points is way too many. We slowed then down, but it still wasn’t enough for us to get the win.”

“I just wanted to be prepared. Coaches told me just always be ready so I could come in and take the most of the opportunity and play hard.”

“When we have great scorers in Rob Poole and Evan Hymes, it kinda opens up for other guys. So I was open. I just took at advantage of the opportunity.”

“We know we need 4o minutes to win. We can’t play a half. We’ve got to put two full halves together. And I think if we do that we should be fine.”


Rob Poole

“Like Coach said, if we don’t work hard and don’t play defense we’re not gonna win the game. We’re not really skilled or talented enough to just win the game offensively. Iona’s a really skilled team on offense. We do not really have all the parts yet to beat a team just on offense. So, we’ve just got to really work hard  every day and play hard and we can beat teams like that.”

Approach in the second half to come back: “Just out tough them. Play harder than them. Go down low, score down low. That’s what we did when we first came off (of the half). We fed off the energy and then it just didn’t work out.”


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