Postgame Comments Following Loss To Iona


Postgame comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos following Sunday’s loss to Iona:


“Hats off to Iona. Cluess can really coach. They had some kids just make shots on us.’

“I thought we got some momentum there for a while then we slipped back into bad habits. I don’t know if that’s being tired or not.”


“As far as the refereeing goes, I thought the refereeing was fine. Earl Walton doesn’t like me. Earl Walton is the name of the official that had it out with me. He’s had an issue with me for 10 years and maybe I’ve had an issue with him for 10 years.”

“Maybe we just shouldn’t have each other’s games anymore. Let’s have a peaceful, happy 2015. I won’t coach his games and he won’t ref mine.”

“It had nothing to do with why we won or lost. All the calls were pretty correct.”

“If anybody was wondering why he didn’t talk to me or why he gave me a ‘T’ when I called the play Loyola, see we have a play called Loyola, and he thought I said something about going back to Loyola. The play is called Loyola. The two-guard runs through and we stole it from Loyola.”

“I thought I’d get that out right away. Other than that everything is fine.”


“5,800 is an unbelievable number. Our crowd surges us on. Like most things in life, most games when you kinda take the lead, which we took the lead. You think everything’s ok and then it deflates.”

“They made some tough shots. They are a really good team. Laury could play in the ACC. i was at Maryland. That guy would start at the University of Maryland. AJ’s (English) has a chance to play in the pros cause he’s a combo1-2 man.”

“I was a little disappointed a couple times. We scrambled on D and I said don’t leave Isaiah Williams open and he’s taking wide open shots.  Because, I have 18 to 22 year olds dribbling my paycheck, that’s what I deal with.”

“We were saying scramble around, help, but don’t leave Williams and I see him take a wide open three at the end of the half and a wide open three at a crucial part of the game.”

“I thought we were gonna come out ready to play like emotionally up charged and I thought we were a little bit like we’ll just show up and win. So then I sweat and get mad on the sideline and we battled back.”

“I wish my young team would grow up a little faster and believe that we’re a 40 minute team. For 32 minutes we battled but we didn’t play for 8 minutes. The first 4 minutes of the game we were outplayed. They were more emotionally ready than us. They executed better than we did. The first 4 minutes of a home game in front of 5,800 people in one of the great arenas of mid majors.”

“I wish we made our wide open threes, but I can’t make them. So. I’m a bad coach because I gotta do some new drills. I see teams make wide open threes against us and then we have wide open threes and don’t make them so I’ll take responsibility for that.”

“Laury’s good. We doubled on him and we said front the post, get in. Look, it’s my fault as a coach. I’ll work on it better. I’ll steal a line from Bill Bellichick. We’ll get better.”

“I don’t mind Schadrac making a shot and then Muhammad made a shot. I don’t mind that but we rotated away and left Williams. He has a better average against us than anybody on their team. English and Laury are good but Williams plays the best against us. We only had one day to go over it. I said Williams is a really good player and he plays well against Siena. If you tell that to kids and they don’t believe you then I don’t know what to do. I guess 18-22 you’re supposed to be a revolutionary. I probably was.”

“They are the best team in the league. They won it the last two years. I’m just upset that we didn’t win and didn’t play for 40 minutes but we had a chance to win. We did some really good things.”

“To take the lead on them was unbelievable cause they’re really good. But to beat a good team you have to lay for 40 minutes. I can use every analogy. If you wanna beat Serena Williams you have to pay all three sets. You can’t take a set off Serena and then go, I’m here. She’ll beat toy 6-0 the third set. You have to match them at those moments.”

“How about the out of bounds play with 3 seconds left (on shot clock). Throw it long, everybody match up. All the sudden we have a guy who I won’t name running around they get it to the open man and he hits a three. I’m tired of that, if we want to win the league. If we want to just survive this year than I’m happy with it.

”You know what’s funny? When we do listen, we’re good. We did some really good things today.”

“I’d like to thank the MAAC for having us another weekend, Ensor’s gonna call me anyways so who cares, that we had to play a team that gets a rest while we’re tired. There’s only been two weekends and it’s happened to us twice. Rule #39 NCIS I don’t believe in coincidences.”

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More Postgame comments from Iona’s David Laury:

On answering Siena 9-0 second half run with an Iona run:

“That was the run that gave us the lead and led us to victory. Right then and there our guys coulda laid down and just let them take over the game but we came out with more fire power and took the lead and just held them off.”

“Our guards, theyre doing a great job of being pests and helping me out cause in the beginning of the game to be honest I was getting killed down low. Our guards did a good job of getting their hands in there, causing turnovers and leading the break. That’s how we like to play.”

“I was just trying to do whatever I could to help my team. I didn’t want Siena to get rolling cause theyre a well-coached team, they’re a good team and the atmosphere playing here is very hectic. it can get chaotic pretty quick. I was determined to make some tough baskets to try to silence the crowd cause they have some of the best fans in the country, honestly.”

More postgame comments from Iona coach Tim Cluess:

“We just looked at it as a staff saying it was going to be interesting to see how our team reacts to this. We also thought it was time for Dave to step forward and be a senior leader and he did.”

“We’re a team of runs for sure unfortunately we give them up and we get them. Today we had maybe a couple more that hey did.”

On the play of the bench:

“I thought they did great. I thought they were the reason we won the game. We got great energy off the bench. They all gave us something positive and some guys gave us more than one thing.”

On winning at the TUC, site of the MAAC Tourney:

“”Obviously it helps mentally when we play this team and if we see them in the playoffs in March to be confident to know you can win on this court against them. I nthink that’s always a good thing. It’s always tough winning on the road. That’s a very good team. They’ll be a different team come March and come the second time we play them. Hopefully we will be too.”

On whether he expects a double-double from Laury:

“Actually I do expect that out of him. I think he’s talented to do that every game and I think if he’s not doing that he’s not working as hard as he needs to. Thankfully he’s been putting up good numbers lately. His effort has been very good.”



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