Postgame Comments Following Loss at Iona


Postgame comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos following Siena loss at Iona:

“I’m proud of our guys for competing. I like playing Iona.”

“Cluess and I are like old-school in that we score. Old school used to be walking the ball up. Tim Cluess and I have turned into old schools by wanting to score 90 points. Welcome to 2015. So it was a great game.”

“They’ve got really good guys. Laury and I have got a little camaraderie on the thing.”

“Without A.J., I knew somebody was gonna step up. I talked to him afterwards and I said, ‘Hey missing a game, we’ve all missed a game.”

“It was a great entertaining game, for our league to be on ESPNU. I want to thank the commissioner for picking us ’cause I know we’ve had an up and down season.”

“We competed. We’re getting better. We got better at Manhattan in a loss. We came back and beat Rider and we got better tonight. I know everybody wants to win but we’re like playing hard and fighting and different guys are stepping up.”

“I think he’s a good player. I think Casmir’s a really good freshman. The guy’s probably Rookie of the year. Casmir’s one of the best rookies out there.”

“I knew somebody was gonna step up. I knew Laury would do it.”

“It’s the seventh time this year we’ve given up a one second on the clock three. I’m trying everything I can. Our three-point defense has to get better.”

“I thought they had a couple of big tip outs. That guy Hines tipped it out. That’s the kinda thing that doesn’t show up but those were huge plays. You’ve got to get those.”

When asked if losing to Iona with English and Williams being out was a missed opportunity:

“Well, I don’t know. We have Imoh Silas and Brett Bisping out. Is that a missed opportunity? Fair question? Good. Next.”

Taking a technical to get the team going?

“Hmm. I wouldn’t say that. I just thought we got fouled down there and we didn’t get it down this end. I didn’t curse or anything. I just said I’m gonna call it both ways. I don’t mind getting a T. The good news is I said,’ Hey I said my piece now let’s have a good game.’ And they did.”

On if he knew why Evan Hymes was assessed a technical foul:

“I don’t. I asked. He (ref) said, ‘He was showing me up.’ I’ll go back and review it. Right now the kids are like, down so I don’t wanna be about asking them what happened.”

“I thought we went down here and I said we played really well.”

On English and Williams being out:

“The first couple of games without a guy teams are gonna step up. Just ask Stony Brook what happened to them when Albany went down there in their first game without Hooley. But, they’ve got them coming back. Williams is my favorite player. He’s one of those guys that just does damage to us all year. Last couple of years Williams has just been one of those guys and they’re gonna get him back for the tourney.”

“Steve’s got Manhattan playing well. But, to me, Cluess scores the most points right now and they’re playing really well. We battled. We tried every defense. No quit. I’m really proud of our kids.”

“I’m happy ’cause we made it a game. When you make it a game then you have a chance to win. That’s all you can ask for.”

“Marquis goes up, down three and I didn’t think it was a foul to be honest with you. He went there and Laury’s Player of the Year and gets a block. Then we can cut it to one and call time out and anything happens.”

“I thought Jimmy Paige played really well. He wasn’t playing ’cause we had other guys but then we had injuries. Paige got a chance to play and since he’s gotten a chance to play he’s been really good.”

“I like Laury. I think he’s got a chance to play at the next level because he does so many things. He makes little basic plays. We tried a box-and-one for three minutes. The first two minutes we had him off guard. Then all the sudden he caught it, pin point laser pass for a three, pin-point laser pass for a guy who got fouled and I said that’s the end of that. He’s figured us out. It’s not gonna work. I give him a lot for credit for that.”

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