Postgame Comments Following Game 2 of CBI Finals

cbi press conf game 2

Postgame Comments Following Game 2 of CBI Finals from Jimmy Patsos and Brett Bisping

Jimmy Patsos

“I’m not shocked by what happened today. I thought we might come out of it a little earlier.”

“It’s 1 to 1 and I expect a hard-fought battle on Saturday.”

“Every player on Fresno State’s rating is higher than ours. That doesn’t meant they’re better than us. I warned our team, you now have an angry Bulldog with a lot of talent. Be ready for that.”

“I didn’t listen when I was a teenager either. Nobody’s more at fault than me. Instead of pounding it into them I just said here’s my words of wisdom. I’m telling you what’s gonna happen. Look, I don’t do what everybody tells me either. That’s obvious.”

“This is an amazing situation to be able to come back from this and play. Remember we lost at Manhattan by 30 and came back and beat them (at home).”

“I expect us to compete harder on Saturday. I expect us to run the plays we said we were gonna run. I expect us to look for other teammates. I expect us to dive for loose balls. I expect us to be a hustling team cause that’s what we’ve done all year. I thought we got away from that today.”

“Success is tough in the world right now cause of all the attention. It wasn’t like we won (Game 1) and everything’s ok. I had 85 messages and I don’t even do that stuff. So I’m sure the players had a million.”

“Hats off to Fresno State. They have a really good team from the Mountain West and we didn’t live up to our end of the bargain.”

“Today I was not an effective parent and I take responsibility. Doesn’t mean I failed as a parent but I don’t get my message across. I will somehow on Saturday or I’ll be sitting at this podium losing again.”

“They have good players. They aren’t just some guys. Guerrero started at Oklahoma State. Tyler Johnson had been a first, second team All Mountain West. Watson who had 14 points was the Rookie of the Year.”

“Jack Bruen’s  up in heaven and I’m gonna apologize when I see him for not always listening cause I didn’t always listen and now I really know what it feels like.”

“What we didn’t do is why we lost as much as what they did.”

“We had a nice dinner as a team in Atlanta. Maybe I should have made them get Burger King and yelled at the players and said it’s not over till it’s over.”

“I was ready to get fired up and coach. I’m gonna get as involved as the players do cause maybe they feed off of my emotion but I feed off of theirs too and I felt a little funny out there. Not flying out at the shooter. Not gonna offensive rebound. Taking left-handed shots when you’re right-handed, many of them.”

“I went around the locker room and said did you do this? No. I just got 10 no’s from my players. Did I tell you to take a left-handed lay up? No. Did you fly at the shooter? No. Did you go to the offensive glass? No. I asked my walk-on not to foul at the end of the game and he fouled. Steven Cruz is as good a guy…Steven Cruz is my friend. I said don’t foul. Did I tell you to foul? No. We had 10 no’s on the board didn’t we Brett? Hey Brett did we win?” Bisping- “No.”


Brett Bisping

“I don’t think we came out ready to play tonight. We started out really slow. We gave up a lot of open threes. We weren’t closing out on shooters.”

“I think we let some people down tonight. I hope they all come back on Saturday and keep supporting us.”

“We weren’t ready to go from the start. I think some of us were doing our own thing and went away from what we’ve been doing to get where we are right now. We can’t let that happen on Saturday. They’re too good of a team to slip up like that.”

“I enjoyed playing here. The environment was great. Our fans were fantastic. Our student section was insane. It was great.”

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