Postgame Comments Following Exhibition VS. IUP

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Postgame comments from Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos , Brett Bisping, Javion Ogunyemi, Marquis Wright and Nico Clareth following Siena’s 82-73 exhibition win over IUP:

Siena coach Jimmy Patsos

“It was a good win. IUP’s a great team. Joe Lombardi’s an excellent coach. There’s a reason they’ve gone to 7 straight (DII) NCAA’s.”

“We did more good than bad. That’s what I want. We’re gonna keep teaching. We have to learn some situations but that was a great test.”

On Nico Clareth:

“I think he played well. I’m not gonna reign him in emotionally. I think you can see we need him in there, I thought he had good energy. He’s a freshman but he’s an energizer bunny and those guys are hard to find. I’m thrilled and not just for him making baskets. I love his emotion and he’s playing well. I still have to teach him how to do certain situations.”

““I thought Kenny Wormley seemed to bring pretty good energy.”

“Evan (Fisher) sprained his ankle severely. I don’t know what the situation is but he’s out. It’s serious. It wasn’t a tweak. I hope it’s only a week with him but high ankle sprains are funny.”

“Javion, I like him stepping out but I don’t want him to just settle for threes. I do want him to score inside. He cramped a little because we were playing so hard.”

“One of the things about a team with a high GPA, that really like each other, that are a bunch of good human beings, is that sometimes in practice that’s not the greatest thing in the world. They (IUP) really went after us and then we fought back and we played really hard. I thought that was the hardest we’ve played.”

“I think Brett’s got some conditioning things he’s got to work on being out a year.”

“Imoh’s still getting comfortable. He’s fine. This is not a great game for Imoh Silas playing against guys that are 6-6. Against bigger guys on any given night he’s better.”

“That was a great test for us and now we scrimmage Columbia. They are picked to come in second or third in the Ivy League. They have the (Ivy League) preseason player of the year. He’s on draft boards. He’s gonna get drafted in the second round. That’s another challenge for us.”

“I thought Marquis played really well. He was down a little because he didn’t hit shots but I thought he played well.”

“Willem (Brandwijk) is gonna red-shirt. When Javion got eligible, I don’t wanna waste Willem’s year. So he will red-shirt and have 3 years left. He’s a great kid. He’s fine. He’s playing better. We’re not unhappy with Willem. He’s a good kid and a good player. He’s actually improved defensively this year but with Javion, Evan and Imoh and Jimmy Paige I think that’s the way to go.”


Brett Bisping

On the cut to the head:

“I don’t really even know how it happened. I know I caught a head or an elbow to the face and cut it open. They just put a couple of stitches in it so it will be good. It’s fine.”

“I think we were very rusty. I think we need to tighten up a lot of things but overall I think we had some good energy. We had some young guys show and play well, play with some enthusiasm and bring some excitement. that’s good to see.”

“We knew this was gonna be a building year from the get go and I like that everyone’s heading in the right direction. I like what I’ve seen so far.”

“We’ve played a couple of good Division II programs (in exhibitions) the last couple of years and our coaches do that on purpose. I think that’s good because you want to play as competitive games as you can early. It helps you get ready. You can bring somebody in and win by 50 points but how much does that really help you. Playing in close games like this is good. They’re a great program. we watched them play in the National Championship game on tape, so this was good.”

On the long wait to come back from injury:

“332 days. It was really good to be back. I was a little nervous to be honest. It had been so long. I went out there and it was just like normal. I need o get in a little better shape. I kinda hit a wall early and I wasn’t expecting that but it was good to be out there.”

On Javion being back:

“You can see the impact he has. He’s knocking down jump shots. He’s playing really well. It’s just great to have him back. he can rebound. he can do it all. he brings good energy. We like him in the locker room. We’re thankful that the NCAA cleared him. I think they did the right thing.”

On Nico Clareth:

“Fantastic. If he can bring that kind of energy and positivity and diving on loose balls every night. The shots are gonna come and go. He’s gonna have good nights and he’s gonna have bad nights but if he can keep coming out and bring energy and get excited…. You see him out there. We had to tell him to calm down a couple of times. I think that’s good. It brings some positive energy and we like that.”


Javion Ogunyemi:

On how it feels to return to play for Siena:

“I told Marquis before the game, it’s just a great feeling. To think about a couple months ago, I thought I wouldn’t be back here playing again so just to be here, and just playing for Siena was just a special feeling. All I could do is just take everything in.”

On knocking down threes:

“That’s something I added a little bit over the summer time and in the fall. It just helps space the defense if you have five guys that you have to worry about that can shoot the three. It just makes us better as a team.”

“We had fight. We had times when things were looking bad for us but we pushed through it. We’ve just got to keep getting better. Every time we step on the court.”


Marquis Wright:

“Great performance. I know we can do a lot better but a good first game. Nico stepped up a lot and hit a lot of shots. Javion and Brett, we all did a little something.”

“The team had a lot of energy on the defensive end and the offensive end. Everybody has to crash the boards. They outrebounded us so that’s something we’ve got to better, crash the glass.”

“We work well together. We’ve just got to talk a little more on defense and that starts from me. It’s gonna come.”


Nico Clareth:

“Blessings. This is all a blessing. This is a great opportunity to play. I’m just trying to show what I can do and help the team to win.”

On his mindset when entering the game:

“Just do whatever Coach tells me. I’m just trying to play as hard as I can, get rebounds, defend, steals, diving on loose balls.”

“It was just getting the kinks out because we haven’t played against another team. We’re seeing what works and just playing and learning from our mistakes and capitalizing to get better and looking at what we have to do against Duke next game because that’s going to be a lot more intense.”


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