Post Game Reactions Following Siena Win Over Marist

OD Dunk

Siena Coach Mitch Buonaguro

“Going into this game we knew it was going to be a real tough game.. Marist had won 5 of their last 7. We had two great games with them.”

“We were very fortunate today we had a tremendous effort from OD and Rob Poole, two guys that have been stalwarts and Trenity made some big plays defensively, just a great basketball game . I’m elated for the kids. I thought we played really well down the stretch. Glad to have the win and play tomorrow against Niagara.”

“He’s a really good player (Brookins). He hadn’t played in 3 weeks. He made some big plays. He gives you 100% and we’re a way better team with him. Rahk should be commended for giving us 20 minutes. He didn’t play great but he played well enough and made some big plays and helped us.”

“We were running a set that I thought was open. I kept going to it and they didn’t really react to it. It’s a little set that we run where he (Poole) comes off a couple screens. It was working so we stayed with it.”

Trenity Burdine

“Coach always tells us to go hard. I saw the steal and I went and got it. On that last drive I saw the lane so I went straight to the cup.”

OD Anosike

“I feel like with teams double teaming they pretty much have to pick their poison. If they’re gonna play me with single coverage, I’m gonna try to attack and make plays. If they’re gonna double team me we have great shooters on the perimeter that I have a tremendous amount of confidence in. They’re gonna knock down shots, exactly what Rob did today. Trenity driving to the basket. This was definitely the epitome of a team effort.”

“I’m a senior and I don’t want to go home. Siena’s a place that gave me a lot and I wanna try to give back to them these next couple days. I tried to play hard and my teammates played with an unbelievable tremendous amount of a sense of urgency. They understood that if we don’t perform at a certain level, were going home.I’m so proud of the guys.”

“Kemp’s and animal.He s a player that’s aggressive. He’s obviously trying to put himself in a place to be one of the better players in the MAAC next year. He played like that a week ago and we wanted to take away his strengths. He’s too good of a player to fully stop him. What we tried to do was contain him and that’s what we did. We tried to force him off the block and have him try to make plays from 8 feet cause once he’s at 4 feet you cant stop him. Imoh and Davis really battled him and made everything he got tough.”

Rob Poole

“I think with OD getting double teamed down low it made it a lot easier for wide open threes. I hit the first one and it just felt good the rest of the night. I just want to thank OD for passing me the ball.”

“I was gonna try and let the game come to me. The game came to me. I got wide open shots and I was feeling it so I just wanted to keep shooting and luckily they went in.”

“I felt good. I got the ball and shooting it felt good coming off my hands. I guess if I didn’t make a couple of those shots we lose the game. I’m not saying I won the game I’m just sayin’ I hit some good shots.”

“I’m not gonna lie. When you play here it’s a lot bigger. You feel it a lot more. This played a big part. Trenity made some big plays. OD made some big plays. Without those effort plays we don’t win the game.”

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