Post Game Reaction: Siena Over Canisius

Ryan Oliver

“I knew we were down Rob Poole, cause he was sick. So, I just wanted to come in, play hard and give 100% effort and bring a spark off the bench and I think I did that.”

“We were focused in on the scout. We knew what was coming. We were well-prepared. We knew the plays. We just had to contest and hope they missed shots. We wanted to make sure we contested every shot to make it hard for them to score the ball.”

“I saw the miss and I saw OD jump up and I thought he had it. So then I jumped up and grabbed it. I didn’t really know how much time was left so I just looked up and I saw Evan. I just passed to Evan and I saw Rahk’s hand come out of nowhere and grab it. Rahk went down I thought he was going to call timeout and thought Coach B was but he just kept going. As soon as it left his hand I had a feeling it was going in.”

“It’s a steppingstone. We just have to build on this now. We have to get focused for Sunday. We just want to show that we can win when the fans still believe in us. We just want to go out there and work hard.”

Evan Hymes

“It was a scramble for a loose ball. I picked it up. Manhertz tried to swipe it from me and just caught my eye on the way down. My contact, we thought it fell out. We came back five minutes later. We looked and it was still on the inside of my eyelid. Hammer found it.”

“Personally I know I wasn’t shooting the ball too well but me and Rahk stayed extra and got some shots up in the gym after practice and kept working. We are both capable shooters we know that. This is a great confidence booster for us.”

“Honestly I just went blank for a minute and then when it went in it was an incredible moment. ”

“We fought so hard they went on a big run but we came back. We didn’t hang our heads. Basketball is a game of runs and we just stuck with it. Ryan hit some big shots. Brett hit a big shot and Rahk hit a tremendous shot at the end and we were victorious.”

“We definitely get a lot of positives out of this game. But, we want to keep the ball moving. We have a big game on Sunday. We don’t want to go in with a big head. We’ve got to go out and compete.”

OD Anosike

“It’s a big win from so many different standpoints. Obviously in the MAAC trying to get back in the mix of things we needed this win. From a confidence standpoint it’s definitely a morale booster and definitely for the crowd. We’re working so hard to get wins. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.”

“I saw Rahk going up the floor and I saw him get close to Coach B. I wasn’t sure what was going through his head. Luckily he kept his dribble. He took one more dribble took the shot and I had a feeling it was going in. He had some nice arc on it. I thought it was either going to go in or be an airball. Luckily it went in for us.”

“Davis looked at me in warm-ups and said he felt a win and I felt the same way. Canisius was a beatable team. They had really good guards but we felt like we could exploit some things and that’s what we did. St. Peter’s is another winnable game. If we can get this one we’ll be right back in the mix of things.”

“I’m going to be the focal point of every single scouting report. I come into every game knowing that and I have no problem deferring to my teammates. Rahk and Evan did a great job of hitting shots from the outside. If they’re just going to double-team me I’ll kick it out every time.”

“We obviously understand we still have some deficiencies but it’s a step in the right direction.”

Rahk Brookins

“By far that’s the biggest shot I’ve hit in my life, by far.”

“The team is really happy right now. We hadn’t won in about two months. So, we’re really happy and celebrating a little bit but we’ve got to realize we’ve got another big game on Sunday.”

“As soon as I got the ball I looked up at the clock and saw there was about 4.5 seconds left. So I pushed the ball and I realized we had timeouts left. I looked over at the coach to see what he wanted me to do and he just told me to go. So, I just went and shot a terrific shot.”

“I was like, IT’S IN. I saw the arc on it and usually with an arc like that it’s either an airball or bottoms up. I was just hoping it would go in and it went right in.”

“It meant a lot to us. That was a big win. It was confidence builder to go into the next game, St. Peters on Sunday. So we get in to practice tomorrow, get after it and just be ready mentally and physically on Sunday.”

“Canisius played a great game. They battled with us till the end. Unfortunately for them I hit a good shot, a lucky shot, but it’s a good win for us.”

Mitch Bounaguro

“This is to say the least a great win under the circumstances. Eleven straight losses, playing arguably the best team in the league, with our backs to the wall, down 10, shows a lot about what this teams made of.”

“I’m really happy for Rahk. I think he really worked hard these last couple weeks to get himself back That was an unbelievable shot he made. This is a great team effort. Probably the best defensive game we’ve played since I’ve been here. To hold that team averaging 75 points a game to 54 points, was an unbelievable defensive effort. To hold that team to 20 points in the second half, that team scored 90 points on three MAAC opponents already.”

“I was animated because of the circumstances. We’ve had a lot of adversity but you know what? A coach should be able do that once in a while when he’s been through a lot. It was a great win. I am more than elated. I’m excited for the kids really. Not so much for me but for the kids. They’ve been through a lot.”

“The scouting by Craig Carter was terrific. The last few days we did a lot of work on the zone and obviously it paid off. You could not have a better win than that under the circumstances.”

(Evan) ” I thought it was his best game of the year. He was terrific. Hymes could not have played better. I thought he guarded Baron well. He made his shots. He was under control. 8-12 (FG) 3-6(3-pt) against one of the better teams in the league. It doesn’t get better than that.”

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