Patsos: Saints Need More Stanislavski and Brando

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As Siena heads into the home stretch of the MAAC season, coach Jimmy Patsos is looking for his team to avoid any further in-game lulls that can shift the momentum and result in a loss. Against St. Peter’s on Monday night, the Saints played their best defensive half of the season, holding the Peacocks to just 17 first half points and carried a nine point lead into the break.

The Saints allowed St. Peter’s to come out on fire in the second half and Patsos explained on Wednesday after practice that he is looking to seniors Rob Poole and Evan Hymes to help him to get the team more emotional in order to get stops on the defensive end, something they struggled with in the loss at St. Peter’s in the final 20 minutes.

Here is Patsos discussion with the press on the subject in which he references the emotional acting approaches of Russian actor and director Constantin Stanislavski and Marlon Brando:

“I can’t be the only guy to get mad when they score five times in a row. I called them over and said, they just scored five times in a row. I’m like helloooo they just scored five times in a row. Is anybody gonna be upset about then scoring FIVE times in a row?

“So the next day, no fighting, we just chatted and I said if you’re not mad Rob that they scored five times in a row and you’re not mad Evan that they score five times in a row coming out of halftime and it ended up being six they either scored or got fouled, I said I didn’t see any range of emotion. I just talked about, can you show me some emotion? I didn’t exactly like explain what method acting was but I wasn’t getting a lot of Stanislavski method acting. It wasn’t exactly Marlon Brando out there the second half of St. Peter’s. They were just like, oh they scored.”

“It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. I’m like fellas this is the MAAC, emotional league. Somebody besides me has to be upset¬† when a team scores six times in a row on you. I can yell and scream all day long. I’ve done that my whole life. But, sometimes the players have to want to be emotional. That’s what my message was. We’ll see.”


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