Patsos Postgame Comments Following Win Over Hofstra


Here are the highlights from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos’ comments following Monday night’s 67-59 win over Hofstra:

“Merry Christmas. I’m happy we won. The kids played hard. I thought some guys really adjusted better to my coaching today.”

“I was pretty upset when we took a couple NBA threes I didn’t think we should take. That’s not gonna be allowed. They were gonna play zone they want us to take 3’s. I’m like let’s take the ball inside.”

“We haven’t seen much zone this year we haven’t really seen much zone so it was a really good test.”

“I thought the play of the game was, and this is why I really like Marquis Wright, they hit a big three and then we came back. Evan took the ball off the screen and hit Marquis and he hit a big three. That’s what I’m looking for. I’ve been doing this a long time. Everybody’s gonna get scored on. It’s what you do when you get a little of that adversity. I thought for Marquis to come back and make the three was huge.”

“Poole’s an interesting guy to coach man he’s pretty resourceful. He’s a competitor. That’s why we get along so well.”

“Sometimes Evan forgets he’s 5-8. Seriously, I’m like they can’t guard you. He’s like they’re bigger. I’m like hello David and Goliath. You’re quicker, Vietnam, guerilla warfare versus like tank military battle. I got a little surreal in the huddle but I’m like come on Evan and he made a great play. He got in there and kicked it to him (Wright). Then he went to the basket and got fouled. He’s actually a really tough guard. His strength is his quickness and his (small) size so just play to it. It’s no problem.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to shoot threes but the numbers aren’t lying. We’re not really good at shooting threes so I don’t want to take a lot of them.  I didn’t forget 0-16 in the second half against Albany. that hasn’t left my mind yet. There’s a lot of stuff stored up there. My minds like a warehouse with not a lot of room to spare but I have a little room and 0-16 is not going to be forgotten. We gotta get the ball inside. I believe in inside out offense and when you do that you have a really good situation”

“What Poole did covering Zeke Upshaw and then also having 14 and 6 and 3 assists was just tremendous Poole’s been great. He’s been sick for a week and didn’t practice. He’s fun to coach.”

“He’s really good so they’re all over him. When he shot faked and took the dribble it was unbelievable. He just made great plays. Poole knows how to play. He had a really good coach, Tony Devlin who played for Gary Williams and Tom Davis at Lafayette. It never ends. There’s always a connection, 6 degrees of Gary Williams to drive you crazy.”

“Come on you saw it, Maurice White. You know what’s good? Joe Mihalich came right up after the game and said that guy, #23 is you’re kind of player. I was like a proud parent. He was like that’s the kind of guy you need in this league. Remember, Joe knows the MAAC better that anybody, most wins ever and he said right away that’s your kinda guy. I know you recruited him and he’s gonna fit in. The fans here are gonna like him cause he’s like a grinder.”

“I thought Brett was trying a little too hard. I was on him early. His efforts been tremendous. I think he wanted to play so bad not having played in two weeks.”

“Javion missed a shot and I was like hey you’re kind of down on yourself but you just got 3 B’s and an A so like it’s not that big a deal missing a layup. You’re doing everything right and you’re coming back from an injury so don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“The same questions have been asked over and over. How are the new guys and how are the old guys they’re Siena guys we’re all Siena people. I’m a Siena person this group has grasped that. They’ve immediately put away old-new.”

“I’m a first year coach but we’re all Siena people. It’s a great tradition. One of the top 100 programs in the country, great energy around the program and they have bought into that and that has helped.”

“We say “Siena” coming out of the huddle. It’s funny. We said “Siena” coming out of every huddle at Niagara and won and we said “Siena” coming out tonight. Against Canisius we got into, and it’s my fault, “energy” and “hustle” and all that and then they had 60 in the first half. So we went back to “Siena” out of the huddle.”

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