Patsos, Jaques and MAAC Opponents Discuss Return of MAAC To Albany

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Here are reactions of Siena and other MAAC coaches to the return of the MAAC Tournament to the Times Union Center in Albany:

Marist women’s head coach Brian Giorgis

“When I saw this today it was like’Wow! Back to Albany.’ We’ve always been very fond of Albany. One, it’s close and two, we’ve had a lot of success there. The Albany people have been great. We’ve had some of the largest crowds there in the MAAC and not necessarily just when Siena is playing. It’s a great location with a great fan base and it should be exciting to be back there.”

St. Peter’s men’s head coach John Dunne

“At the end of the day you have to look at the league overall. You have to do whats best for the league and the Albany fans have always proven that they’re gonna come out for Siena and support the league also. You do what’s best for the league and that’s what’s best and I’m in full support of that.”

Siena women’s head coach Ali Jaques

“This is a really exciting day for Siena College and the MAAC. I look forward to the city supporting our conference and these great student athletes that will play here. To play in the Capital region is a really exciting thing. There is something really special about this city. When you hear the crowd cheering throught the tunnel it’s special.”
Siena men’s head coach Jimmy Patsos

“The obvious thing people talk about is why should it be on someone’s home court? However, Albany is the perfect place for the MAAC Tournament. The fans, the hotels, the restaurants, it looks great on t.v. and I think Brian Giorgis said a good thing. Whether Siena is playing or not the Albany people come out. In two months I’ve seen what a great basketball area it is.”

“Springfield has been fun. I like Springfield. We won the MAAC tournament there two years ago when I was at Loyola. I think it has some good things but Albany is just a great place for all the kids to go. Good airport, easy to drive into and it’s about the league. What makes the league look good when we’re on t.v. A lot of people in the stands, big time arena and the feel of the games are great.”

“When we (Loyola) lost in the semi finals and I lost a couple times in the semis, I remember specifically watching John Dunne win it or Fran McCaffery’s teams win it. We went and told recruits, ‘Hey you should watch our game tonight’ and it looked great. At Albany it’s just tremendous.”

“We got Erik Etherly to come from Northeastern and we got some other recruits, Dylon Cormier to come because they watched the MAAC final right before they made their recruiting decision and they said ‘Wow. What a great league that looks really good with the arena and stuff. They really like that and that was one of the things that helped us in recruiting.”

Here is our story from earlier today on the announcement:


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