Patsos and Brown Sound Off On Continuing Albany Cup Game


At the conclusion of this year’s Albany Cup Game, the question remains as to what the future holds for one of the Capital Region’s biggest sporting events. With the expiration of the contract between the two schools, much discussion is to be had around what potential terms will be agreeable to both sides. Here are the comments from the two head coaches on then topic from the postgame press conference.

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“It’s a good question and everyone wants to know what I think. I think what John D’Argenio thinks is means more than what Jimmy thinks and that’s ok. I have a boss that I fully respect and agree with.”

“I just got here man. I think we should play it. That’s really all I can say.”

“We give them 20 grand. We give them student seats. We move our people for them. We give them all the tickets they want. The bands here. We do everything we can to accommodate them. Are we gonna get the same thing if we go there? That’s not for me to say.”

“I want put on the board, here’s what we all get. Here’s what we give. Here’s what we’re trying to do to make this as neutral a court. I wish the court didn’t say ‘Siena’. I wish it said ‘Albany County. Times are tough. We’re not gonna buy another court because of one court. I don’t believe that. There’s people on welfare.”

“As long as we’re all working towards what’s best towards making the game as neutral as possible. To have as many people as you want at it.”

“I just want here’s what you do best and then everybody sit in a room and be very mature and calmly say how do we keep the game going?”

“I think It’s a great game and I want to see it be played. That’s all I can tell ya.”

“”If you could make the arena completely neutral would that make everybody happy? If you split it right down the middle. You get 7,000 seats and we get 7,000 seats. If we’re gonna do it that way, is everybody in? Cause you gotta put your money where your mouth is. And, I mean that literally.”

“I empathize with Will Brown, believe me, that he wants to have that game in his building.”

“We give them cash. We give them seats on the baseline and move our season ticket holders. We let their band and students come. There appears to be plenty of seats. So, you could fill it up with Albany people if you want it, if that’s the goal. Is it better to have it in front of 10,000 or 4,000?”

will brown

UAlbany Head Coach Will Brown

“Nobody said we didn’t want to play the game. We can play here, every other year.”

“Why not? They go to Vermont and play. Why not? How many other teams in the country have been on the road 10 consecutive years and have nothing in return?”

“In my opinion it should be a neutral court game and not part of their season ticket package. Revenue and tickets should be divided 50/50. Otherwise it’s got to be a true home and home in my opinion.”

“They can say, ‘We don’t need this game.’ Sure you do cause you’re not replacing us with any other team that’s gonna draw the crowd that you drew tonight. No BCS level school in the northeast is gonna draw close to what we’re drawing for this game right now. I’ll say it right now, with no Craig Forth at Syracuse, Syracuse isn’t putting more fans in the seats than what we’re putting here.”

“I like the game and I’d like to play it every year but you know what, if I don’t have the back of our season ticket holders and our fans, this is a community game and we’re a big part of the community.”

“Jimmy and I, we text quite a bit. We talk a lot. We root for each other. I hope they don’t lose another game the rest of the year. They’re a good team. It’s a good program rich in history and tradition. It’s a good challenge every year.”

“You look at (Duke’s) Cameron Indoor Stadium, it holds 9,000. All those Carolina fans down the road can’t get in there. I just happens.”

“I’m looking at it from my end. We don’t play or practice on this court and they play every game in this building. It’s a true road game for us.”

“Fair and equitable. I might not be smartest guy in the world. maybe that’s why I coach. I’m still trying to figure out why my wife married me. But, I will tell you that it’s not fair and equitable right now.”

“I have to have our fans back. They’re loyal. They want to have great seats. They want to be involved. One way to make sure they get what they want is to play in the SEFCU (Arena). If you’re willing to go to (Vermont’s) Patrick Gymnasium, come to the SEFCU. We’ll welcome you with open arms.”

“Maybe we can lay down a court on our football stadium. Michigan State does that.”

“This is a tough trip during rush hour traffic. Five miles can take 30 minutes.”

“All I know is the two athletic directors are gonna meet as early as next week.”

“I’m not optimistic as far as the home and home because I don’t think they’ll set foot in the SEFCU and I think that’s wrong. So, if this series does not continue don’t point the finger at the University at Albany. Don’t point the finger at us.”

“I have too much respect for their program to say we’ve won four of the last five so we should control the deal. We’ve gone to the postseason three years in a row. We’ve gone to the NCAA two years in a row. We’re a pretty good program. We need to be treated like one. We’re not second class citizens.”

“Anything’s more equitable than what we’re getting right now. They have to sweeten the pot greatly.”

“I can find another game no problem. They can’t find the same game.”

“In my opinion, they really need this game more than we do. They cannot replace this game.”





  1. Frank Bradley

    December 14, 2014 at 9:46 am

    My opinion . If it moves to SEFCU very few Siena fans could or would attend. 10,000 vs 4,000 do the math. Sorry Will but you should looby you need a new on campus facility that can support your program. Siena had to move so why can't you.

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