Patrick Cole Leaves Siena


Updated Jan  9

Former Siena G Patrick Cole has reportedly enrolled at North Carolina Central of the MEAC and will continue his basketball career there moving forward.

Updated: Jan  8

Complete comments from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos during Thursday night’s postgame press conference:

“Totally a community decision. His mother’s a great lady. She’s a captain in the Army, Captain Cole. She wants him down south. He’s got a cousin that played at Hampton and I’m not gonna say anything about where he lives or anything but I think she wanted him more removed from the northeast. If he wanted to come back he could come back Jan 12th and we could meet and he could come back to school. There’s no hate between me and Patrick Cole. We like each other. He’s easy to get along with. He’s a smart guy. He’s an interesting cat. I wanted him to do what the St. John’s guy did. Take the year off, figure it all out and that this matters the most. He has a cousin who played at Hampton. I don’t know if he’s going there yet so I don’t think we can comment. I’m not trying to avoid the subject but we wanted to see what is best for him. His mother called, and Luke D’Alessio did a great job, and said he’s gonna go down south with his cousin who played at Hampton and he’s gonna go to school down somewhere in that area. I don’t know where, but I think it’s Hampton which I would totally support. It’s a great school and it’s away. They decided he needed to be away from the northeast. He was never in any trouble around here on campus so I don’t want anybody thinking that. But he was gonna have to come back and he wasn’t playing. It was Harrison from St. John’s or it wasn’t gonna happen. We’re lucky we have an A.D. who’s supportive. John said, ‘Can he get his education? Can he get his degree? I don’t want to turn our back on him. We’ll bring him back. We’ll talk to him and then we’ll have him go to school.’ A lot of AD’s would be like, I want that scholarship. John’s not like that. We got a call that his cousin is a guy that played at Hampton and they knew him and he’s been there since he left, down in Virginia Beach. If that’s what’s best for Patrick, just want what’s best for Patrick. That’s the final chapter on it. We wish him well. There’s no hard feelings. He just decided all the sudden last week, I’m coming up to get my stuff. I’m going to go to Hampton and we said we support you completely.”


Red-shirt Patrick Cole is no longer at Siena withdrawing from the school according to an official release. Coles, a transfer from Coppin State who sat out last season due to transfer rules, appeared in 7 games for the Saints, averaging 8.4 points prior to being suspended last month. He is the second player to leave the program this season joining Michael Wolfe who previously announced his intention to transfer.

Here is a copy of the official release from Siena Athletics:

Patrick Cole has withdrawn from Siena College and been granted a transfer release to pursue basketball opportunities elsewhere.

A red-shirt sophomore from Newark, N.J., Cole transferred to Siena prior to the fall of 2013 from Coppin State University. He sat out last year per NCAA rules and appeared in seven games this season before being suspended indefinitely on December 19.

Cole leaves Siena in good academic standing. 


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