Our Interview With Tommy Mitchell

As he prepares for tonight’s second exhibition game vs the Sacramento Kings we caught up with former Siena Saint, Tommy Mitchell, currently on the training camp roster of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Tonight is the final tuneup for the Warriors as they prepare for the start of the regular season on Christmas Day against the LA Clippers. Tommy took time out to reflect on his time at Siena and his path to his current opportunity. 4guysinblazers wishes him all the best.

4guysinblazers: What has been your path since your time at Siena to where you are now ?

 Tommy Mitchell: The path, that I have had since I left Siena to now, has been a number of different teams, but during that time growing as a Man, and realizing in order to reach the Goal I want to reach, God must receive all the glory, as he will now and forever in my life.

4guysinblazers: What has life as a pro basketball player been like?

Tommy Mitchell: It’s been truly a blessing living a life as a pro basketball player. Growing up in Tyler, TX. I never would have thought that I would have lived in Finland, Singapore, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and played in places like Mexico. God definitely had a plan for myself, that I couldn’t even imagine, and it is giving me the opportunity to impact a lot of lives now.

4guysinblazers: How did this opportunity come about to sign a contract with the Warriors?

Tommy Mitchell:This opportunity from the Warriors was a complete blessing from God and God alone. It’s one that no man can receive credit for, because there is absolutely nothing that I or anyone else did to deserve such a blessing. I just kept praying, believing and staying ready and received the invite to come to camp with the Warriors.

4guysinblazers: Did you know coach Jackson prior to now ?

Tommy Mitchell: I did know Coach Jackson, when I moved to LA with my wife; meeting him in the Gym he became a mentor of mine and is now my Pastor along with his wife at True Love Worship Center International.

4guysinblazers: What is your relationship with Edwin Ubiles?

Tommy Mitchell: I have known Edwin since he was a young man who used to attend camps at Siena when I was there; he was always an exciting player to watch, and then obviously watching the player he became at Siena was awesome.

4guysinblazers: What has it been like to be around basketball legend Jerry West?

Tommy Mitchell: Of course being around the actual logo of the NBA is an awesome opportunity especially when you are not only a player but a fan of the game. What guys like him did for the game so that players like myself today would have the NBA that we have is a absolute pleasure to be able to be around him and say Thank You.

4guysinblazers: When you reflect back on your time at Siena what are your thoughts? And greatest memories?

Tommy Mitchell: Reflecting back on my time at Siena really prepared me for life and my career, at Siena I had what seemed to be the Highest of Highs and the Lowest of Lows, but through it all I survived, and I thank God for those moments because they taught me to put my trust God, and not man. When I was on a high it seemed like the whole world was on my side and when I reached a Low, the world disappeared. One thing remained the same God continued to love me yesterday, today and forever more. Which brings me to one of my most memorable moments, I know some would think when we went to the tourney my freshman year, or maybe even the great NIT run my Sophomore year, but it came my junior year in the MAAC tourney, I couldn’t play the last couple games of the season because of having an ankle sprain that kept me from walking. The tourney starts and even though I was on crutches I wanted to play, I tried the first game and could barely stand. The next game we played Marist and what seemed as a setup to destroy my career God turned into a miracle, I was put into the game down 18, when it seemed like the game was over and we went on a run in front of a supporting Pepsi Arena and rallied back to win that game, I ended with 18 points on 3 of 4 shooting. It was the first time, I felt God completely carry me in a game, which he always does but this one was special because to the world it was no way I was supposed to play.

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