Notes From Media Luncheon With Jimmy Patsos

jimmy media day

News, notes and quotes from this week’s media luncheon with Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos

On the annual Albany Cup Game:

“Will Brown and I have discussed this game and there’s one negative. He would like to have this game on his campus once in a while. Sorry, your gym’s not big enough. You built the football stadium. Maybe you should’ve domed it. We could play the game there.”


On transfer Parick Cole’s NCAA waiver application:

“Patrick Cole did not get his NCAA waiver so that’s too bad but that’s alright because we’ve got him for three years.”


On status of junior forward Marcus Hopper:

“Marcus Hopper is going to redshirt this year, to work on some things. He’s done well in the classroom. He is adjusting to our new system. That way he’ll have two years left.”


On decision to not red shirt freshman Michael Wolfe:

“Michael Wolfe is going to play. He’s shown some athleticism.”


On the Saints going to battle this season:

“I think of it as a boat of eight people and we’ve got 32 islands to visit this year. This is the love boat here. This is nice. Siena is a beautiful place, Loudonville everything. But, we don’t do the battles here. We have to get in the boat and go and meet these other people on an island and play. That’s kind of how I look at it.”


More On the Albany Cup Game:

“I’ve been in the business 25 years and I didn’t know much about it until we started playing Siena. Then we watched the tapes of Siena and Albany and we say, ‘Oh my god. Look at that. Wow! Unbelievable’. What an amazing thing that was. It’s a credit to everyone in the area.”

“There’s a few games a year you can just clear the whiteboard and say ‘who are the eight guys I want with me going down the alley in a bad section of town late at night?’ That’s this kind of game. You need tough guys that want to get the loose balls, guard your man. It’s not about strategy, this game. You’ve got to have guys that are ready to play. It’s who wants to win more.”


Projected starting line up for Friday’s season opener:

Marquis Wright, Evan Hymes, Rob Poole, Lavon Long and Javion Ogunyemi

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