Notes From Media Luncheon With Jimmy Patsos


After returning from the Old Spice Classic, Siena coach Jimmy Patsos spoke at the weekly media luncheon as the Saints prepare for the upcoming MAAC opener at Niagara. Here are comments from the head coach.


Old Spice

“We competed. That was our goal to go down there. I thought we competed, second-half St. Joe’s, whole game vs. Purdue, a 20 minute stretch against Memphis. Memphis is really good.”

“St. Joe’s, that’s my fault. We weren’t ready. I tried like a different tactic. Laissez-faire attitude, you try different things. We weren’t ready for St. Joe’s. We had a really hard shoot around. We really studied film. We did a lot of different things I don’t ordinarily do and it didn’t work. That was on me. I was really proud we won the second half though.”

“Evan Hymes had a terrific tournament off the bench.”

“The fans were tremendous down there. Memphis and Oklahoma State did a little bit bigger. We were as good as Butler. We were better than St. Joe’s. and Washington State. I was really impressed and I want to say thanks to the fans.”


Last Game vs. Purdue

“Purdue, we played our hearts out. I think everybody competed. There was no lack of effort. Everybody tried. Maybe we had a little hero complex. A couple guys tried to be the hero.”

“I was a little upset after the Purdue game. We kind of went with the guys trying to do it on their own. We’re not talented enough to do that.”

“That loss hurt. We could’ve beaten Purdue. We had a great opportunity to beat a Big Ten team that’s gone to the NCAA 4 out of the last 6 years. Those four games got us better. Now we’re going to the MAAC. I’m really excited about going out to Buffalo.”

“That was as down as we’ve been because we could’ve won that game. I’m a moral victory guy but we have to start getting victories. You can’t have all moral victories.”

“Monday was a quiet plane ride home. Honestly that’s what I wanted. Losses have to hurt. You can’t just keep saying, “hey we played really well against a really good team but we didn’t win’. I think that’s a sign of the team being mature. When losing hurts you know you’re making progress. We weren’t being babies or anything we just wanted to win the game.”


Running Afoul

“I feel the refereeing now is going to pay off for the game later so I’m down with that. Sometimes it’s probably my fault because I’m saying be aggressive, press. What I’m disappointed in myself and the players is, that we are fouling with three and four. With three or four fouls you have to stop fouling.”

“I’m concerned not as much by the number of fouls but that fifth foul. You can’t foul out running a guy over.”

“The referees know that this is different and are trying their best to educate the players.”

“We have to become smarter and that’s my responsibility as a coach to get them smarter, but we haven’t had much practice time.”



“Our starting lineup is staying the same (as last game vs. Purdue) because that’s the best we’ve started, Imoh, Brett, Lavon, Poole and Marquis. I want these guys to grow together as a unit.”

“I think Imoh has really earned it. Imoh Silas is a great person. He’s doing great in school. He’s really kept the course whether he started or not and I’m happy to see him starting. It was tough. That guy (Shaq) Goodwin, he’s playing in the NBA. The kid Hammons from Purdue, he can be more of a Tyson Chandler, he’s 7-foot. St. Joe’s center is their best player. Those were tough matchups for him and he hung in there so I think he deserves it.”

“If you have Evan Hymes and Javion, that’s a really good bench because we have a speedster guy and then you’ve got your big guy. Maurice White and then Rich (Audu) give you some solid stuff. They’re MAAC type players. That would be nine and then Wolfe has been an x-factor. Wolfe did some good things down there. Wolfe showed. So, that’s 10 guys right there. We’re going to run and press we need 10.”

“Javion, I will know more today. Expecting he’ll play out there (Buffalo) but he won’t start.”

“Brett’s been playing really hard and given us some good minutes I have to get him to do a couple more things. He’s a really talented kid. We’re turning him into a power forward and he’s doing all the hard dirty work for us.”

“He’s a really good passer Lavon. He’s left-handed, a sign of genius according to Gary Williams. I don’t know if it’s true but he’s got that little flair that little thing where he can pass it. He sees the court a little differently. Now you’ve got to play some zone with him. Here’s the problem. You play Purdue, he can play the three because their guys are 6-5 and strong. We play three quick guards, I now have to reevaluate that.”


“I’m not going to criticize Evan for trying to do too much. Evan wanted to win that game and he hit that shot before. He wanted to make it happen. I respect Evan Hymes for wanting to make it happen. I’m not mad at Evan for trying to make something happen. Is he trying to do too much? Maybe, but in a good way. He’s trying hard to make the shot to put us ahead. I respect Evan for handling coming off the bench well.”

Other Thoughts

“I know people are probably saying save your timeouts and you’re right. But, timeouts aren’t any good when you’re down 25. That’s my own personal opinion. Against those teams you’ve got to stop that run because they’ll blow you out.”

“I’m learning this team and I’m learning how to coach these guys. At some point you have to dig down and say our mindset is we’re going to win this game, not going to compete. We’re going to win.”

“We’ve been playing a lot of zone because of foul trouble. Guys are getting tired because they’re playing so hard. Poole had a great answer. ‘Coach I know I made some mistakes but I’ve never played this hard in my life. I’m exhausted’. That’s great. That’s what we’re striving for.”

“We’re climbing a mountain. Everybody knows it gets harder to climb Everest once you go up to the top. It starts out, you think you’re gonna make it and it gets tougher. Winning games gets tougher.”

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