NCAA Denies Appeals

Siena received word today that the ruling on freshman Imoh Silas and Lionel Gomis will not be changed and they will be required to spend the 2011-2012 year in academic residence. The most recent appeal to the NCAA  was denied and as a result they will have three years to compete for the Siena Saints following this season. Lio  was  originally granted only one year of eligibility however was granted two additional years following an appeal decision back in mid September. For Imoh this further upholds the decision sent down in September which had denied his fourth year.

 The issue effecting Silas and Gomis was surrounding NCAA delayed enrollment legislation that was adopted in April of 2010 and enacted in August. It requires that a student athlete must complete their high school core curriculum requirements within a five-year period, or the international equivalent.

After moving to the US from Africa, both players were reclassified by their prep schools in an attempt to translate their education to that point into a starting point in the US. For Imoh who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria and then attended the Holderness School in N.H  and Lio who moved from Dakar, Senegal to attend the Blair Academy in N.J.  this led to them extending their total high school period beyond the five years. Through a total group effort on the part of Siena’s athletic and administrative staff, they were hopeful to prove that circumstances in each case led to this occurring and  were worthy of a waiver being granted.

Imoh had previously told us that no matter what the decision of the  NCAA was, he would accept it.“Whatever the decision might be I’ll take it. I’m in a good place. That’s what I’m happy about…..whatever happens you are getting a good education and that’s my main priority. So, whatever decision they come up with I’m fine with it. I’m on a good team and I get to practice and get better.”

Now both players will remain at Siena and will be allowed to practice and prepare for next season.

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