More Postgame Comments From Ali Jaques and Tehresa Coles Following WBI Final

WBI presser

Postgame comments from Siena coach Ali Jaques and Tehresa Coles following WBI Final:

Ali Jaques

“Thanks to everyone back at Siena that made this possible. It’s been a great run through this tournament and for us to have the turnaround we’ve had this year doesn’t come without tremendous support from our president, our athletic director to everybody back home who made this trip possible for us.”

“It’s been a great run. It’s been a great season. We’ve had the second-best turn around the country. We’ve been warriors on the road. I thought that our resiliency showed tonight in our come back. We came up a little bit short but sometimes that happens.”

“Give Louisiana Lafayette a lot of credit. Tremendous quickness, tremendous speed, tremendous hustle, just a really really hard fought game, very well coached, tough environment. I’m really impressed with their fans and a small gym that’s really really hot and loud. That’s how you want to championship game to be. Tough game, great championship game.”

“We came up one basket short. We came up one stop short. It hasn’t happened a lot for us this year so it’s a little tough for us in the locker room right now. Just really proud of our team and everything we’ve accomplished this year.”

“The captain and leader sitting to my right (Tehresa Coles) has been tremendous to coach for three years. Life is not going to be the same without her. I have a feeling she’s stuck in my life for the rest of it.”

On the physical play:

“Anytime there’s a game where you have to go to the monitor three times, that kind of speaks for itself. We’ve gotten to the free-throw line more often than our opponents. We’re a pound the ball inside, physical low post team. Our challenge today was getting through the pressure that their guards put on us. I thought in the first half we tried to play a little too fast and that was to their advantage.  I thought in the second half it was our pace and it was our kind of a game. There was a lot of contact all over the court. I give players credit for finishing with it and staying tough.”

“This one (Coles) got taken out pretty hard at the end, knocked down both free throws and showed a lot of toughness on Tehresa’s part. She got hit in the face and she lost her contacts and played without a contact for the entire game. That’s the toughness that this kid brings to the table.”

“We were down 14 with 14 to go. We’ve been down 20 and come back before because I’ve got a leader to my right and I’ve got a locker room of six other women who when our point guard blew out her ACL in the first four minutes of practice our first practice they said it’s not, say why me, let’s say try me and let’s come back. We lost another player to an ACL and we lost another player to a hip injury. I could go on and on.”

“This team’s been through hell and back and they just keep coming back for more and coming back for more and that’s just how we play. I’m just lucky to be the coach of this team. No matter what these women in the locker room face in their lives they’re going to be able to get through whatever toughness and challenges come their way because they’re just tough to the core.”

“We knew they were going to bring great pressure. Our game plan was to try and attack pressure with pressure. We turned it over a little bit too much in the first half. I think their pressure got to us. Give them a lot of credit for that. In the second half we ran a couple different sets that we hadn’t really shown lately. I’m just lucky that I have players that listen and apply whatever we talk about and believe and trust. Just a really hard fought game from both ends there a great team and I think we’re a great team too.”

Tehresa Coles

“I guess we just were really able to tell from the beginning it was going to be a physical game. Both teams were gonna really get after it because we know it was our last chance, it’s our last game we have and we wanted to give it our all.  It was definitely very physical in the beginning.”

“We’ve always had a culture of being very positive and constructive criticism with each other and being able to take that. I feel like that’s something that we definitely did coming down the stretch because we communicated with each other and we realized that we were there for each other and that we’re all we’ve got. We gave it our all. We just got after it with each other, together.”

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