Mitch on Sound off with Sinkoff

In case you missed it today, Mitch Buonaguro was a guest of Brian Sinkoff on Sound off with Sinkoff this afternoon on 104.5. The two discussed a variety of issues but began with the assistant coach search. Coach Buonaguro once again stressed his desire to add a coach with former head coaching experience, preferably at the Division 1 level. While not releasing any names, Coach Buonaguro stated that he had interviewed 7 candidates while in Houston for the Final Four with a few more interviews yet to be conducted. Many of the coaches he interviewed had head coaching experience at the D2 or D3 levels with some possessing over 25 yrs of coaching experience. Out of the 7 interviewed candidates only “one or two” did not have head coaching experience.


Coach Buonaguro went on to discuss the scholarships that have recently opened up with the departure of Breeden and Griffin. He stated that while 3 scholarships are presently open the team is only looking to fill 2 of the spots. Siena has been active in recruiting since the season ended and Coach Buonaguro was hopeful the team would add one or two good players.


As for next year Coach Buonaguro described 2011-12 as a rebuilding season. He expects the team to be anchored by Brookins, Anosike, and Wignot with Burdine and Martens playing key supporting roles. He also stated that Burdine could be used in more of a combo role next year seeing playing time as a guard.


  1. KGB

    April 5, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    With only one senior expected to be a major contributor next season, it's always been pretty clear that it was going to be a rebuilding year.

    However, it seems like the Siena fan base would consider a 7th place finish where a rebuilding team would finish…if this past season wasn't a rebuilding year & next season's already being branded one, things could get ugly…With that said, here's hoping they can land some solid guards with the remaining 'ships.

    I think we will see a pleasant surprise in the "sophomore jump" of Trenity; being hampered by injury his Freshman pre-season did him no favors, and by the end of the season you could see flashes of his explosiveness and athleticism. It would be interesting to see him and Wignot on the court at the same time next year; makes their half-court trap much more dangerous.

  2. Bill

    April 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    I'm very optimistic about Burdine. The fact that he battled foot injuries for much of the year sheds light on his situation that many people seem to care to neglect. He showed flashes of his potential against Albany and Maine. Coming out of high school he was said to have great range and 3 pt shot as well as being an excellent passer. He was said to be an emotional player so having a year of experience under his belt is sure to help. The game will begin to slow down, he's 100% healthy, I'm optimistic about his sophomore season.

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