MAAC Takes Action Over Rider/Niagara Ending

The MAAC has suspended for one game the referee crew of Rusty Cooper, Tony Crisp, and Kenneth Clark as a result of the conclusion of Niagara’s 84-82 win over Rider last week. Niagara University’s game clock operator and replay system operator were also publicly reprimanded.

Rider appeared to hit a three at the buzzer to propel the Broncs to a 85-84 victory over Niagara. After an extensive review, the basket was waved off with the crew stating that the shot had been released after time had expired. There was one problem that was neglected in their decision making process, the clock had been prematurely started on the inbounds play.

There was 3.7 seconds remaining when Rider inbounded the ball. At least there should have been. Instead of starting the clock when Jonathon Thompson caught the inbounds pass, the clock was started in error when Rider’s Brandon Penn caught a pass from Thompson when both players were still out of bounds.

The decision cost Rider the victory, and more importantly to Saints fans allowed Niagara to remain tied with the Saints in the standings for the critical 6 seed in the MAAC. Teams finishing below sixth are forced to play a play-in-game on the first day of MAAC Tournament action.

If Niagara wins the six seed by virtue of a tie breaker at the end of the season, their team might want to consider sending these folks some fruit baskets for their generosity.

Here is the official statement from the MAAC:

The MAAC announced today that as a result of problems associated with the end of the men’s basketball game involving Rider University at Niagara University on February 11 that the following actions have been taken by the Commissioner after a review of all submitted reports and video footage:

–          Officials: One game suspension from their next MAAC officiating assignment for failure to note the game clock starting early on the key inbounds end of game play. The MAAC Supervisor of Officials will review end of game scenarios with the three officials.

–          Niagara University Game Clock Operator & Replay System Operator: Public reprimand from the league office for failure to manage the game clock and replay system in the expected manner. The Niagara University Director of Athletics will review with crew members the procedures for operating these systems and their responsibility to serve as an extension of the officiating crew in the management of the game.


  1. Anonymous

    February 13, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Yeah…but they still get the win, huh! What's up with that?

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