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media luncheon

Comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos at this week’s media luncheon:


On his Super Bowl prediction, the Seahawks and defense:

“I went public and said 34-17. Defense wins. That’s why we lost, because we gave up 103 points to Quinnipiac.”

“I watched that team play. I could feel the Seahawks. They were tough emotionally, tough defensively and that’s where we have to get.”

“The Super Bowl proved to me to win the big ones, you have to play defense. You have to have good pitching to win the World Series. We have to play better defense.”

“I love the Seahawks winning because it was all about Seahawks, versus Peyton Manning. I thought the Broncos team was in trouble because all they talked about was Peyton. The Seahawks, all I heard about was the Seahawks, no one person. I had a feeling they were going to beat them and now a defensive player’s an MVP. No one on my team and in college basketball wants to be the defensive MVP right now. I’m just telling you, I live with these kids all day and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not what our society is setting up.”


On moving on:

“I think we’re doing well at six and six. I had two days to reflect. We were off the last two days. This is the last little break were going to get for the year. You look at some good and some bad. We have to improve in areas.”

“We’re right there. We lost in overtime. We’re playing well. We’re battling. I’m having more guys do good than bad. I’m a little disappointed sometimes in our execution down the stretch. I’ll take that as a coach.”


On dealing with the multitude of fouls:

“It’s kind of a tough thing because you want to press. When I took the job here, everybody said they didn’t want to see anything boring. So, I think we’ve held up our end. At least we’re playing exciting basketball. I’ve said it all along. I don’t even mind the fouls but I mind the fifth one.”

“Anybody out there who has kids, grandkids, good luck with this generation. I know I’m officially old. I can deal with all the fouls except the fifth foul. How many times can I say four, don’t pick up a cheap one?”

“I saw for the most part of the film that they were fouls. Could they call more fouls on the other team? I’m not saying we didn’t foul. We fouled. I’m just wondering sometimes did the other team not foul. I guess I’m not supposed to say that but I will.”

“It’s been very interesting the officiating. The buzz on the street right now is that some of the coaches think a lot of officials have gone back to the old way of reffing and then some are really sticking to this memorandum which I support completely. As the year goes some of them have been going back to their old ways and some are sticking to this agenda to put more points on the board. It’s going to be an interesting thing how games are officiated.”

“Officiating had nothing to do with the outcome of that game. We had of plenty chances to win that game. We missed some free throws. We didn’t execute well. We did foul at the end, giving up a three-point play after everyone in the huddle said don’t foul. Just make free throws and we’re out of here. I have to do better at doing those situations in practice. That’s why I take responsibility for that.”


On the loss to Quinnipiac down the stretch:

“We were trying to run a little bit of clock but get a good shot and we got a couple of good shots. We missed them. They made theirs. We missed ours.”

“The last play of the game, should I have called timeout? I’m still in a little debate about that one because the defense can get set. I get scared because when you call timeout now they’ve got a big guy, maybe steal it and go in to dunk for a win. I really don’t want to see that happen so let’s go to overtime. Our plays worked. We drove the ball hard off the screen three times in a row and did well.”

“We didn’t do anything on purpose to lose that game. We tried to win it. We made some choices that, with practice situations we’re supposed to do certain things that we didn’t do.”


On Marquis Wright:

“He’s been great because he’s given me lots of minutes. He puts up with me. He’s trying as hard as he can. He’s covering other team

Billy Baron’s going to go to the NBA.  The guy from Manhattan (George Beamon), another senior is going to be first team all-league. There are two Shannon’s at Quinnipiac. He was playing against a senior point guard and a graduate student from St. Francis, PA. What he’s doing against senior point guards is actually pretty incredible. I’m really proud of him.”

“He wanted to win as bad as anybody. He felt bad that we lost on Saturday.”

“What he’s been doing for freshman has been incredible for us. He’s been very consistent. I’m just happy that he’s a good person and a good guy to coach. He gets an A. he and Brett Bisping being are my two A’s. I’ve got a few B’s some C’s. That’s why our overall grade is a B. I wanted to be an A. I don’t have a lot of patience.”


On chances in the MAAC Tournament:

“We have a 9% chance to win the tournament. We have as good a chance as anybody to win the tournament because we can play anybody. I just know if we can beat the good teams.”


On Javion Ogunyemi:

“I give Javion a C for the year (so far). That includes, injuries get factored in. Derek Jeter got a C because he was hurt but not his fault. I give him a C, but he’s rising towards a B because of his defense and minutes. I think his minutes are going to really help us. I’m proud of the way he got injured and now is coming back playing well by passing, playing defense, learning to huddle up, blocking a shot. I’m very pleased with J. He’s a guy that’s going to help us as we go now with nine games left.”


On the value of a point guard:

“College basketball, Jerry Tarkanian, on the ball defense. Mike Krzyzewski, point guard sharpening the ball. Gary Williams, point guard leading the team. Point guard is more important in college basketball. High school you can get away without having one. Pros you can get away without having one. College basketball is about point guards.”

“I’m fortunate to have one. He’s good and he’s only going to get better. He’s learning. When he’s on the court I’m up much better coach. The question is, who’s going to point play point guard when he’s not in there because Evan’s a two guard. I’m just happy that he’s happy. Marquis is happy. He’s come here. He’s done everything right. He loves Siena. He likes being on campus. We’re lucky to have him.”


On dealing with Wright getting fouls early:

“You take him out for a minute or two and just say, ‘Don’t foul out’. We don’t have enough depth right now. It takes a while to build program to have depth. Kids want to play. How’s he going to learn to play with fouls? You have to play him with fouls. He didn’t foul out though so that was good news.”


On St. Peter’s:

“John Dunne’s a great coach. They won it two years ago. Those kids are good. We played well up here. On the road, we just got our first road win for 2014 the other day. Can we get another one? I don’t know, maybe. It’ll be a battle. John does a good job. St. Peter’s is right in the mix of all this. We’re all trying to move around for seeding right now.”

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