Let’s Go Saints !

     Another season of Siena men’s basketball is about to begin. For many Siena fans it is a time of excitement and anticipation of the greatest time of year. The lights go down in the TU Center, the highlight video plays on the scoreboard overhead, the team is announced and another season of cheering for our Saints begins. For some fans it may be a time of doubt and skepticism.  With a “down” year last year, the loss of Ryan and Clarence to graduation, preseason injuries and unfavorable NCAA rulings for Imoh and Lio, there is understandable concern for what the outcome  of this season may be. 

 As a fan I am perhaps one of a dying breed. I have always been a glass half full
guy. I choose to focus on that which is positive about being around one of the
most successful mid major programs in America. With all of the things to be
uncertain about there are as many or even more things that are certain about
this team.

     First and foremost this team has great leadership. The four seniors on this
squad Kyle, Owen, Brandon and not to be forgotten Conner have stepped up. They are leading by example and helping to teach the new guys   Remember they are all  champions and they know what it takes   OD has also stepped up. He has also taken on a leadership role and is well aware this team  needs him and he has put in the work to take his game to new heights.
     Another thing that is certain about this team is they have a will to be
successful. Having been around this team during the preseason I am confident
that they have a strong desire to put in the work and continue the strong
tradition of Siena basketball. As coach Carter conveyed before practice one day “No one wants to win more than we do”. Based of the focus and effort I have witnessed from this group I would have to agree.
     Finally, there is a strong deep breath of fresh air in this year’s team. From
the very first practice there is an enthusiasm which is driven by the additions
to the coaching staff of Tobin, Ben and Tyler which are great additions to the
experience of Mitch and Craig.  They have all been great motivators and teachers particularly to the six freshmen. Speaking of the freshmen aka “the Saintly Six” these kids can play. Evan is quick as they come and has that presence about him of a true point guard. Devonte is a scorer who can get to the basket and finish on the break. Rob can shoot and is just a real basketball player and Marcus is a unique big man with the combination of size and the ability to knock it down from outside. Although fans won’t see them play thisyear Imoh and Lio will not disappoint trust me.
     So as the 2011-2012 season begins we as fans have a choice   We can focus on the negative or we can be a positive influence.  You won’t hear boos or doom and gloom from this guy. Let’s Go Saints!

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