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For the Siena Saints, summer is now over and it’s back to the classroom and time to begin the countdown to the start of another season. Meanwhile former Saints Kenny Hasbrouck and Ronald Moore have already returned overseas to continue their professional basketball careers.

Coming off a successful season playing for Meridiano Alicante in Spain’s top league last year, Kenny will be playing for EWE Baskets Oldenburg of the Bundesliga, Germany’s highest league. EWE Baskets Oldenburg is coming off a 20-14 season in which they finished in 6th place. The team won the Bundesliga championship in 2009. Last year Kenny averaged 10.8 points per game while primarily playing shooting guard. When we caught up with Kenny last week, we asked him how he was adjusting to a new team in a new country.”Everything right now is still very new to me but going well. Oldenburg seems like it is a very nice city but I honestly haven’t been able to really tour the city yet because I have been busy with practice and I’ve been trying to settle in”. We then wondered what the preseason preparations were like with his new club. “ I’m currently in Rogla, Slovenia for training camp with EWE Basket. It’s maybe the hardest conditioning program I’ve ever been involved with…” He then further explained “.. because we do a lot of jogging outside through the woods and on the track and I’m more of a sprint type of guy. I’m finally in shape so it is not as bad as it was at first but it is still difficult”. Having now spent time professionally with the team in Spain as well as with the Miami Heat Kenny described for us his current organization. “The first impression of the organization which is very important to me was, great! They took very good care of me when I first got to Oldenburg, getting things done in a timely fashion and always asking what is needed from them so we don’t have any worries or concerns”. He seemed equally impressed with his new teammates “The team is a great bunch of guys, we clicked immediately in our first practice (4 hours after I landed ) and have done nothing but get closer and better together as a unit since. So all in all, at this point with EWE Baskets in Oldenburg I’m happy and excited”!

Meanwhile former Siena teammate Ronald Moore is also in Europe where he will play for Turow Zgorzelec in Poland. Moore excelled this past season for BK Casta SPU Nitra in Slovakia. Siena’s all-time assist leader led the team with nearly 17 points, seven assists and five rebounds per game, guiding his club to the Championship game. This year, Ronald has a great opportunity with Turow. He hopes to help his team continue on past success. “They are usually always in the top 3 teams in this league. They finished 2nd last season. I’m very excited for my second season playing professionally in Europe”. Ronald will also have the chance to play outside of Poland. “We are in Euro Cup this year and even have a chance to make Euroleague in a qualifying round at the end of the season”. In playing Euro Cup, Turow will be taking on some of the other top teams in different countries.  If they successfully make it through qualifying they will move up to Euroleague which is the highest league in Europe with many prospective and former NBA players. So far, Ronald seems to be adjusting well to his new surroundings. “Everything here has been so far so good. The coach has had great workouts and  team strategy that he has implemented so far”. Ronald got his first taste of play with his new team last Sunday. “We had our first scrimmage today (8/28) against a team in Germany and we were successful and show great signs of being really good. I like my teammates as well and we are coming together very well”. It may be a long way from Loudonville but, “The city I am in Zgorzelec is very small but a nice city with a few things to do. I think it is positive to really have a great season this year, as I had last year in Slovakia”.  4guysinblazers wishes Kenny and Ronald the best and continued success.

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  1. Anonymous

    September 8, 2011 at 7:16 am

    As a former Siena (Indian) player back in the early 70’s, and a season ticket holder from the mid-70’s on, I have seen some great players over the years. Moore and Hasbrouck were certainly two of the best players at their positions. The thing I liked most about Moore was that he was quicker with the ball during the last 4 minutes of the game than he was during the first 4 minutes of the game. His speed and endurance were terrific. While not a great shooter, he possessed so many other positive attributes that set him apart from most Siena players at that position. I certainly wish him great success.……Regarding Hasbrouck; I always thought he was the consummate team player. The thing I liked most about him was the way in which he handled himself on the court. He never appeared to get frustrated. Things don’t always go well for star players and many of them become frustrated when this happens. This was not the case with Hasbrouck. He respected the values of the game and played it the right way. He brought a confidence to the game that the other players seemed to feed off. I enjoyed watching him and hope he has much success playing in Germany.

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