Ill Effects


Speaking at today’s media luncheon, Siena Head Coach Mitch Buonaguro expressed concern about the state of his team physically heading into the final stretch of the season. In discussing last night’s home loss vs. Fairfield, he talked about the limited use of the bench. All 5 starters played a minimum of 34 minutes and 3 players off the bench combined for just 19 minutes of play. (Audu 14, Martens 4 and Silas 1).

“There’s always a fine line with that” said Buonaguro. “As I look at most of the teams now they’re playing eight guys, most of the teams in the country, maybe nine. Our problem is with our bench it has become hard cause I’m playing 4-out-1-in (line-up). The mix isn’t there. But I think I’ve gotta play a few of these guys more minutes especially this weekend because we did get tired.”

He broke down those who may be showing the effects of extended playing time.

“Evan (34.1 minutes/game) is not feeling well. Evan Hymes has a very bad sore throat. He wasn’t feeling well last night. Hopefully he’s ok Friday.”

“Poole (34.8 minutes/game) is not feeling great. He’s a little run down. He’s coming back from the flu but I’m playing him a million minutes. He needs rest.”

“I’m a little worried about Rahk’s (33.9 minutes/game) back. His back is starting to bother him. I talked to Rahk today he said his back’s bothering him.”

“OD’s (37.7 minutes/ game) getting run down. He’s physically tired. He’s averaging 37 minutes a game.”

“Bisping’s not feeling well.”

In addition, Imoh Silas is still feeling the effects of a sprained ankle and Ryan Oliver is out at least a month and likely for the season with a knee injury.

“We really needed this day off” said Buonaguro. ”Looking at the bench were gonna probably have to get these guys more minutes looking at the state of the team physically. We’re off today. I think it’s good that we’re off. I would say it is a concern cause we’ve got Friday night a tough Loyola team at 9:00 and then we’ve gotta play (St.Peter’s) Sunday at 2:00. I gotta figure out getting more guys incorporated here.”

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