Highlights From This Week’s Media Luncheon With Jimmy Patsos

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Here are the highlights from this week’s media luncheon with Siena coach Jimmy Patsos:

On the start to Siena’s season:

“UMass, then Vermont at home, then we go to St. Bonaventure, that’s a tough swing. St. Bonaventure and UMass are in the Atlantic 10. It’s one of the best basketball conferences in the country. Last year six teams went to the NCAA. Ten teams went to the postseason. It was a powerhouse. Vermont was a 20-win team. We have three games in six days against really good programs and two of them are on the road so it’s going to be a tough test.”

On losing center Imoh Silas and other setbacks:

“Imoh’s a really solid player and now we have to go on without him. We had a lot of veterans back but now Imoh’s out so now Willem (Brandwijk) and Jimmy Paige are going to play. I’m teaching them new. All the other guys know my system. Brett Bisping’s one of our best players and he’s had symptoms of mono the last couple weeks. But, it doesn’t matter. We have to play with what we have. I don’t think Maurice White’s going to play. His incision is taking time to heal.”

On progress on Pat Cole:

“Patrick Cole’s new (to the active roster). It’s one thing when you’re backstage or at the dress rehearsal but now the curtains up. Patrick’s going to play. He’s going to fit in with the ensemble, with the group that we had. This is a new season and Patrick has to fit in. We have to take better care of the ball. We have to know what’s a good shot and what’s a bad shot. Patrick Cole had 13 points in 13 minutes and that’s great but he did a couple things that don’t fit into our offense.”

On sophomore starting center Javion Ogunyemi:

“Javion Ogunyemi surprised me how well he played. He’s been very consistent he’s just a great kid. He gets great grades a good guy and he’s smart. Some people overlook the solid, continuously helpful guys but I don’t. He’s a star in his role by just being consistent.”

On year two with point guard Marquis Wright:

“Marquis, he’s just working on playing with a little more swagger. He’s young he just turned 19 he’s not some 22-year-old sophomore. The kid’s 19 and he’s getting better. He’s not afraid to go into the lane and do some stuff.”

On the playing rotation:

“I’d like to play 10. Manhattan proved you can play a lot of guys. They pressed and ran, played with energy on every defensive possession last year. It depends on the situation and with our foul history. Against good programs you’re going to need nine or 10 guys at this level.”

On freshman Willem Brandwijk:

“Willem’s athletic. He’s a little tougher than you think. Netherlands is a tough soccer team. They play dirty over there and that’s kind of what I remind him of. Pretend you’re playing the Germans. He said I will and then he dunked it on some guy’s head. I’m like, yes. Next time we’re playing who else do you hate, Spain? I said good, that’s who were playing next.”

 On freshman Jimmy Paige:

“Jimmy Paige is just a basketball player. He’s a poor man’s Alex Franklin. He’s going that route. He’s just a strong guy, kind of shoots. He scores. He rebounds. He’s just a player. Those two have to combine and take Imoh’s minutes.”

On senior Rob Poole:

“Poole is team player.  He’s happy. He just wants to win. He told me how much fun he had playing last year because we won and he liked the style we played. He’s one of those guys I’ll be friends with forever. Just like always, whoever’s open gets it. Poole’s very content with that. we’re lucky cause it’s not always like that with your best player.”


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