Hey Mike Wolfe, It’s Me KD…

First a CBI Championship for Siena’s Michael Wolfe and then, a personal message from NBA Superstar Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder? Ok, so the video isn’t a congratulations for the CBI title, but it is an appeal from KD for a prom date on the behalf of a young lady. Here is the video.

The video, was accompanied by the following message:


37 minutes ago

Yo can y’all make sure my boy @wolfeyy25 sees this! Shoutout @jahnellecouture


That message links back to the instagram account of Siena’s own Mike Wolfe. So what do you say Mike? Does Jahnelle have a prom date? I mean, can you say no to Kevin Durant?

Update: He Said Yes!!!

Wolfe responded with the following video clip to Durant’s message in which he says yes to the request.

The video was accompanied by the following message:


2 hours ago

It’s official: I’ll be taking @jahnellecouture to prom! @easymoneysniper good look bro, and keep ballin ✊ (y’all can stop blowing up my insta now)

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