Guy #2 Reflects on Our Workouts

The start of Day 1 was one filled with memories of the ARC packed with crazy fans mixed with the nervousness I experienced as a student taking final exams there.

I knew it was not a good sign when I felt my hamstring tightening after one pass the length of the gym on Day 1.

For those who do not know me, I am the one responsible for making the video appear that it is playing in slow motion during the “speed and agility drills”.

The sight of OD pushing the heavy sled in the background is a lovely contrast to the ugliness going on a few feet away on the court.

Despite the fact that I currently weigh approximately 100 pounds less than I did a year ago thanks to p90x and some serious diet changes I was still not prepared to go through this. I did my best.

I will never look at a fast break or a late game free throw the same.

The sign on the wall of the weight room reads, “Champions are made when no one is looking”. All I can say in summing up our 2 days is, thank god not many people were looking. Other than Dan, OD, Kyle Downey, my fellow blazers and an occasional passer by, few will have witnessed my unedited performance.

I have to admit after viewing the video for the first time I had thoughts of asking the guys to not publish it on the site but after reflecting on the fact that the players put themselves on such a large stage in front of thousands of fans at the TU Center and many more watching on television, I decided it was the least I could do.

Despite the fact that I have all 4 years of eligibility left I am pretty sure I wont be getting any offers from Mitch or anyone else for that matter based on this newly made recruiting video.

The professionalism and positive approach of Dan Taylor is amazing.

After day 1 I had serious doubts that I would make it through what was in store in the weight room but with the encouragement and reassurance of Dan I was able to complete the program. If he is able to push me through those two days I have no doubt he can raise the players to their highest level.

The pain and the cramps have worn off but the memories of those two days will last a lifetime.

I hoped to walk away with a better understanding of what the players go through in preparing during the offseason. In fact I limped away with an elevated level of respect for the hard work and dedication they have to winning and improving as players and as a team. I am also highly impressed with the abilities of Dan Taylor in leading this important part of the program.


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