Freshman Profile: Brett Bisping

Brett Bisping’s road to Siena began his freshman year of high school as a seldom used backup on the varsity squad. Playing “scrap minutes”, Bisping stated that he scored maybe 17 points all season. He earned a starting spot on the team his sophomore year, but played the entire season while battling a case of mono. As his junior campaign began Bisping was still feeling a noticable lack of energy. While having similar symptoms to the mono he had the previous year, Bisping was diagnosed with an iron deficiency. After a regimented treatment to correct the deficiency Bisping began to notice a marked difference in his energy levels.

“I definitely could tell I had alot more energy once I got that fixed. It’s been better ever since”. said Bisping.

Following his junior year,Bisping moved from a local AAU squad in Peoria, Illinois to the Illinois Wolves, an AAU squad based out of Chicago. The move brought much greater exposure to the 6’8″ forward, opening up his recruitment to a considerable amount of mid-major interest from across the nation. The attention and constant stream of contact Bisping faced was “cool” at first, but in short time grew tiresome.

“I remember the first day, I got four or five calls from coaches and I thought ‘this is cool’,” said Bisping of the recruiting process, “but by the end of it, it was annoying. Having to respond to all the e-mails, going through all that, I just wanted it to be done with a school that I liked.”

Using his sister, who plays Division I basketball at Bradley, as a guide, Bisping set out a list of what he was looking for in a school. He stated that he was looking for a school with a history of winning, a game plan that fit his style of play, and strong academics, specifically in business.

Siena entered the recruiting picture early on via letters. While Bisping knew of Siena from its tournament history, he knew little of the campus and area. That changed rather quickly after the Siena coaching staff contacted his high school coach. A visit by Assistant Coach Tobin Anderson and then Head Coach Mitch Buonaguro followed leading to Bisping visiting the Siena campus. Bisping quickly fell in love with the campus and found the school to meet all of the areas on his want list. He committed to the Saints on November 16th.

Bisping has since completed a successful senior season in which he averaged over 17 points a game and helped lead his team to the regional finals.

He arrived on campus last month to begin his Siena career. He told us that on top of basketball activities he was spending six hours a day, three days a week, attending class. He has found the transition to be smooth, finding plenty of time to for homework and study time.

On the court he has enjoyed the opportunity to play against former Saint, and the school’s all-time rebounding king, Ryan Rossiter. Rossiter spent his first professional season in France playing for Denain where he averaged 13.8 points and 9.8 rebounds a game. Back on campus he has taken the Saints freshman under his wing.

“Ryan Rossiter has been back. We’re similar, he’s obviously more developed than I am, and it’s great because sometimes he just tears me apart, and then he’ll give me some advice and tell me how not to let that happen,” said Bisping of playing with Rossiter. “I hope he stays around awhile because it definitely helps.”

Fans will get their first look at Bisping this November when the Saints open up the 2012-13 season. He stated to us he is a hustle player who works hard and can step out and take the three. He’s excited to begin his collegiate basketball career, and stated that his goal is to win a MAAC Tournament Championship and get to the NCAA Tournament.

“We all want to win a MAAC Championship, get back to the tournament, because that’s a big reason I came here,” said Bisping. “I know there’s past history, I know its doable, that would just be huge. That’s an experience I would like to have.”

We as fans hope to see that goal realized and look forward to seeing Brett in action for the Saints over the next four years.


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