Franciscan Cup Postgame Quotes


Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

“I came back from LaSalle… and I thought maybe our team was turning and my life was gonna be a little bit better and I walked in and there was water pouring into my condominium. I thought either we’re gonna drown or something good is gonna come of this.”

“Right now there are holes in my celling and in my roof and you know what, it kind of made coaching tonight a little different. I kinda said hey we’re playing better. I’ve got a bunch of young guys. Let’s do the best we can cause life throws things at you. Then when Rob Poole missed a free throw, our leading scorer, a junior, I thought oh no here comes the water again.”

“To have two days to prepare against a team that’s as big as any team in the country. Size wise they’ve been outrebounding teams by 15 so I was concerned about that. It was a gutty win.”

“What’s interesting is different guys are showing up. Imoh and Brett stepped up really well.”

“The one thing I told my team was, ‘don’t be too happy. This proves that we can be good so now, I gotcha’. Now I know what we can do.”

“Javion’s out for at least a week. I don’t know how long that’s gonna be.”

“Before the game we had a pregame speech about how sometimes in life you have to do certain things at certain times. Win this for Father Kevin. Don’t do it for me. He signs your scholarship. You have to get that cup for this guy one time and the rest will work itself out.”

“I’m very happy for the players and Father Kevin to get that cup and I’m happy for our fans that came out to see a good game.”

“We are providing entertaining basketball. We are giving it our all and sometimes things aren’t perfect but I’m proud of the way the team played.”

“What did we learn in the Viet Nam War? You’ve gotta play to your strengths. We were small. We pressed them and in the end we got a couple steals. Viet Nam War, they hit and run. You’re not gonna tank battle and win that war. They were bigger than us. I said let’s go small, scrap and guards are gonna have to rebound but we’re quicker than them.”

“I was gonna call the press off and I said, ‘should we press?’ and they kinda looked at me and said hey we press so let’s press so I said ok let’s press and we got steals.”

“Nine out if 10 times you’re gonna lose that size battle but quickness can win.”

“I think Evan Hymes is buying into getting his nose in there and getting a little dirtier. I saw him dive on the floor and stuff. He’s really quick. If he would play gritty, which I think he’s taking steps towards, he can be a tough cover.”

“Lavon’s been great. He’s a warrior. His quickness was good. He’s a competitor. Lavon’s been our best player this year in terms of consistency.”

On Brett Bisping: “Inspirational. I’ve been on Brett cause Brett can take it. He’s got a good family, good values. The first thing I did was meet him and he said I’m a Bulls fan and I like Michael Jordan and I’m like well you’re the dumbest guy I know (laughs)  because you pretty much don’t have anything in common with him. You’re kinda of a slow plodding forward how about Bill Laimbeer. He didn’t know who Bill Laimbeer was so I made him look him up and he came back and said, ‘I think I can be like that guy’. I just thought his play was inspirational and I’m really happy for him.”

“Gary Williams liked Brett Bisping. He enjoyed coaching him (at practice) and he said if he could get a little crazier he could be a really good player.”


Brett Bisping

“We believe in ourselves and we try to come out and get better every day we’re a young team including myself. It’s good to get a win.”

“They needed me because of a lot of foul trouble. I feel like I did what was needed and that’s what I’m always gonna be here to do.”

“He’s definitely pushing me to do that (play crazier like Bill Laimbeer) and I’m trying to. It’s a lot more fun to play like that. It’s definitely something to strive for.”

“It’s always a war inside. You’ve just got to go get it. It’s not the height or athleticism it’s about who wants it more.”


Marquis Wright

“The plan was actually to try to get the fade for Rob off the screen but they switched it so I knew there wasn’t enough time to pass the ball so I just had to go.”

“Keeping our composure. Once LaSalle took the lead we kind of fell apart a little bit. We still played tough that game too but that was over with and we had to move to the next one.”

“It feels great but in our head we’re still 0-0 (in the MAAC). So, we’ve gotta keep working hard.”

“It should be a lift for us. We’ve gotta keep playing off this game and play even harder.”


Lavon Long

“It feels amazing. We finished it. We played all 40 minutes and that’s what led to the win.”

“It was similar because it was a fight the whole time. It was never one-sided and I think the difference was in the LaSalle game we got sloppy. In this one we kept our composure right up till that last bucket.”

“I think my role is just to come out and do what’s needed, whatever’s not being done, that’s what I try to do.”

“It was a fast tempo and nothing was easy. Everything was a push. Keep them off the boards, get in transition and go. That really led to a lot of our points.”



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