Exit Interview with Brandon Walters

Departing Siena Saint, Brandon Walters, took some time this week to answer some questions about his experience at Siena and his college basketball career. Walters transferred to the Saints from Seton Hall at the conclusion of his sophomore year. His breakout season came his senior year when he was thrust into a prominent role when the team was decimated by injury and eligibility restrictions. Walters played 794 minutes last year, more than the combined total of the rest of his collegiate career, and averaged career highs in points, 6.8, rebounds, 6, and blocks, 1.3. He played a critical role in Siena’s win over Manhattan in the MAAC tourney, scoring 19 points, collecting 9 boards, and blocking 5 shots.

4guysinblazers: How would you compare the game in the MAAC to the game in the Big East?

Brandon Walters: I would say the Big East was more of a mixture of great players in all positions. The MAAC was dominated by very good guard play, and a handful of good bigs.

4guysinblazers: Did you find there to be advantages to playing in a mid major conference over a high major that might be overlooked by recruits and fans alike?

Brandon Walters: There is a common misconception of the mid-major, and I would say I was a victim of that coming out of high school. I thought in order to be noticed I would have to go to a high level, boy was I wrong! There are competitors in mid majors and high majors that I had to play night in and out that were pretty good players.

4guysinblazers: Senior day you had a big slam followed by an acknowledgement of your family, how special a moment was that for you?

Brandon Walters: It was overwhelming  and funny, if you noticed the army march I did after, it was good that I finished on a high note for my family and the Times Union Center family.

4guysinblazers: What future career ambitions do you have?

Brandon Walters: I am currently signed with an agent and looking forward to going overseas to play. For how many years? Who knows. But I plan on indulging in the arts where ever I land.

4guysinblazers: What was your most memorable moment at Siena?

Brandon Walters:  Playing Manhattan in the MAAC tourney, the game was really intense, both teams left it on the floor, felt like a movie.

4guysinblazers: How important is the fan support in sustaining the Saints home court advantage?

Brandon Walters:  It was really important, it plays a large part in an opposing players psyche when we make a big play and our fans our cheering their butts off it’s a great feeling.

4guysinblazers: What would you like fans to know about your teammates and fellow graduates, Kyle, Owen, and Conner?
Brandon Walters: They are great guys and selfless individuals.

4guysinblazers: Last question, and we always ask it, have you heard of a more ridiculous name for a fan website than 4guysinblazers?

Brandon Walters: 2guysintuxedoshirts.com? lol jk

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