Evan Fisher Bringing Size and Swagger To The Saints

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Early last fall, Siena freshman Evan Fisher found himself trying to zero in on the place he would spend his next four years following graduation from the McDonogh School. He describes how the whirlwind process quickly resulted in a decision.

“I had set all my visits up, four weekends in a row,” explains Fisher. Siena was my third visit. It was a lot going on. It was a lot to take in. Right when I came on campus at Siena I didn’t even want to go on my last visit. I knew Siena was the spot for me. It’s a spot we can come in and really contribute. It’s not somewhere where you had to sit out for two years. They really needed people who can come in and play. That was really kind of a big thing.”

Although he had some familiarity with the Siena Saints recalling their victory over Ohio State in the NCAA Tournament, Fisher describes the factors which weighed favorably towards choosing to play there himself.

“The first thing that really stood out was the fan base,” Fisher admits. “Playing in a huge arena, it’s something a player definitely wants. They want support. Siena was definitely the spot for that. Along with Coach Patsos, I’ve known him being at Loyola, Maryland. He’s been a big figure around there and his style of coaching so those two things were huge.”

Besides basketball, Fisher liked the feel of what Siena has to offer.

“One of the reasons I like Siena is it’s a small campus. Everyone knows each other. It’s a small community. There’s no football team so they really look up to the basketball team. That really gives you a lot of pride. When you go out there you know you have all the support not just from the basketball side but from the whole school.”

Now on campus for the summer session, Fisher finds himself reunited with fellow freshman Nico Clareth a player he competed against in the Baltimore Catholic League in high school and also teamed up with as members of the Baltimore Elite EYBL AAU team.

“Now that we’re here and adjusted, I think it’s going really well,” said Fisher. “We had a really good practice yesterday. I find me and Nico are a strong part of the team.”

At 6-8, 249 lbs. Fisher is an imposing figure, bringing valuable size as well as versatility to the Saints’ front court. Siena Coach Jimmy Patsos can’t help but refer to the word “swagger” when speaking about Fisher who describes himself this way.

“I pride myself on being tough on the court,” Fisher says. There’s never any room for being soft especially at this level. Especially as a freshman it’s just doing whatever we need to do to win. I’m very passionate about winning. I’m very passionate about being tough and just being a gritty player.”

Fisher knows elevating to the college game brings its challenges. Along with getting more consistent on offense, Fisher is focused on the physical part of his game.

“In high school I was always one of the biggest and the strongest,” describes Fisher. “In college everything’s just faster. It’s a different sort of being in shape. Everyone’s just bigger, faster and stronger and you’ve got to get used to that. I’m  just working on everything to earn more minutes on the court.”

Although it may be early on in the process, Fisher finds himself in sync with Patsos who speaks of Fisher as “my kinda guy”.

“He just wants you to play hard,” Fisher says of his head coach. “He does a very good job of that. He just wants to get the best out of you. Just play very hard. That’s what you’ve got to like about him. All you have to do is worry about playing hard and everything else will take care of itself.”

“That’s his style. He’ll get on you for making a mistake but a minute later the next play he’ll get over it and it’s on to the next thing.”

Off the court, Fisher is enjoying the opportunity to build chemistry with his new team mates, a focus for the Saints this summer.

“Being from Maryland I live near the Chesapeake Bay but no one really gets in the water down there. Lake George was beautiful. It was a nice day. He (Patsos) takes us out on Friday’s because we’re stuck here all week in the dorms and we don’t have cars. It’s a good refresher every week.”

For fans looking to get to know him a little better, “Nothing crazy,” says Fisher when asked about his interests other than basketball. “I’m a big fan of other sports. I never played football but I love it. I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan. I’ll watch pretty much anything. No crazy hobby but I go crabbing. It’s a Maryland thing.”

With the summer session winding down, Fisher will head home to Owings Mills, Md. for a while before returning to Loudonville where before you know it the Saints will begin preparations for a new season which kicks off vs. the defending National Champion Duke Blue Devils then runner up Wisconsin. Those are games that Fisher and his team mates cannot wait for.

“Duke sets the standard,” Fisher said.”Coach K is one of the greatest coaches of all-time. They’re reloading with a bunch of all-Americans so it’s really gonna show you how good you are. Then we’re playing Wisconsin. I followed them all through the tournament. They have a lot of good players. As a player you want to play the best. It’s going to be a good standard for us to match up to.”

As for goals, Fisher doesn’t hesitate when asked to name his for this year.

“The goal every year is to win a championship,” declares Fisher. “Your dream is to play in the NCAA Tournament. Individually, just do whatever the team needs as a freshman coming in. If they need a spot to fill I’m ready to go.”

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