Comments From This Week’s Media Luncheon With Jimmy Patsos

jimmy media lunch


On Friday’s 34-point loss to Canisius:

“It wasn’t a tough loss Friday night. It was over early. That Band-Aid was ripped off around 10 minutes into the game. It stung for a minute but then it got a lot better.”

“With the back board coming down delaying us for an hour it was just a weird situation. The pin wasn’t in the backboard.  He (Brandwijk) dunked it and it fell. It might’ve helped us that the whole thing happened on Friday. There was no yelling in the locker room. It was just, here we are. We have reached the pinnacle. We even injured the backward. In other words it was kind of laughable. Instead of getting all crazy let’s just admit we have to change a few things here with our approach.”


“Poole couldn’t go all weekend and it’s no excuse.”

“You can’t make excuses there’s always reasons for excuses.”


On the off day during the western NY trip:

“I got a text from John D’Angenio. He said, ‘It’s a new day, on Saturday and Sunday, remember that.’ . He’s been around. It’s nice when your boss says that to you.”
“Saturday was fine. It was just, here we go. Niagara Falls was really cool. It’s one of the great things in the world to see. Willem, Cam Gottfried, Jimmy Paige, they’ve never seen that area or anything like that. I think it was pretty impressive when we got out and walked. Good practice, solid and then American Sniper and Applebee’s and then you’ve got to go play and that’s it.”
“You know what helped? There were some scores that were interesting that day. The first game of the day was Louisville and Duke. Our players watched. Louisville they didn’t play well that day. It’s not like we’re the only team that’s troubled or has a bad day. That helps you and we talked about it on the bus. Did you see that game, see that score?”
“I said it’s time. Here comes Niagara, a really good team, freshman and sophomores. Casey’s doing a good job with them. They have a really nice team.  We had every reason to play poorly and I thought we played our best emotional game in 2015. We played for 40 minutes, very solid. I thought our matchup zone was good. We shared the ball. A lot of different guys scored. Maurice gave us some minutes off the bench.”
“Lavon Long continues to impress me with his ability. He wanted to play Friday night but he hadn’t practiced all week and Hammer said he didn’t think so. So. we didn’t go with him.”
“When Lavon comes out and plays we are a different team. He was still hurting but he just said I’m playing. I said you have to practice Saturday. He practiced Saturday, played Sunday and we pulled out a win in a hard place to win. Manhattan lost there. Iona won by one there the night before and we were lucky to win.”
“A one-point loss (vs. Iona on Fri.) for Niagara might’ve been in a worse situation. They were about to win. They had victory snatched from them. I know was like a funky call, funky play. They were emotionally drained.”
“I just think we’re working better defensively and talking on defense. Marquis alluded to that today earlier that we’re talking on defense better.
Ryan’s up the front. We decided as a team to put Evan in the back even though he’s quick but he’s quicker in the back and then we got rebounds and he led the break, because you can kinda shoot over him because he’s not the biggest guy in the world. I thought Ryan Olver played really well defensively. Javion’s just been really stepping up as a leader for us.”
On Willem Brandwijk:
“Getting there. He’s getting there. It’s going to be some days good some days bad. Willem’s a work in progress. He’s a young freshman just learning a lot to keep getting better. The players are on him instead of me. Not in a bad way, but they’re like we really need you. ‘Quis kept saying, ‘Willem we need you this game.’, and he stepped up.”
“Two minutes before the Niagara game they went small. We are going to play man-to-man. They came out and went totally five guards. I said okay looks like we’re playing zone. The players said we practiced man-to-man. I said well I didn’t know they were going to play five guards so let’s play zone.”
“I was emphatic about they’re going small so we have to go inside. And, Willem scored early which was really good for us and good for him. They went small and we went inside. At the end of the game I thought Javion’s put back was like the biggest play of the game.”
On the lift from Lavon Long returning after missing Friday’s game:
“It was good. It also taught him a lesson that you have to practice and I’m not saying Lavon was dogging it any kind of way but him and Poole didn’t practice. They came out and shot around (Friday) and I’m like, look you’ve got a show me that you can at least practice a little bit. When the warm-ups start, your adrenaline’s going. Everybody wants to play. Then with the hour delay I’m like there’s no way you’re playing. Any chance they had of playing went down when they had to sit on the bench for an hour.”
“I’m not just impressed that he played. I’m impressed at how we played. He played really well. He had some fouls but he made some big baskets and big plays. Lavon’s got that look anyways. everybody knows Lavon’s gonna show up when the game is on. He didn’t want to play Sunday he wanted to win Sunday which was more important for us.”
On Javion Ogunyemi:
“I’ve always said that he’s a smart guy. It’s proven now. His picture’s up on the wall in the student athletes of the month. Ali, one of your players too. Our two basketball players. That’s what Ali and I have in common since we were Division III players. That means we were smart but not very good.”
“Speak for yourself.” replied Jaques. (laughs)
“Javion’s a smart kid. I’ve always said smart guys figure it out. I’m really proud of Javion with what he went through last year. It wasn’t the easiest thing and it’s always a transition. I need him to play well this weekend.”
“Poole hopefully can play (Friday). The x-rays were negative yesterday. They just decided to go yesterday for x-rays because they were concerned. He should be back Friday.”
“Maurice is fine. Maurice just like tweaked it (ankle) out of place trying to get the ball. I saw him today. Maurice is fine. He’ll practice tomorrow not today. But he’ll practice tomorrow and that’s a good sign.”
“Our players came in this morning and got some extra shooting. Sort of doing that on their own. Today and tomorrow which is a good sign. It’s starting to come from the players. I think the Niagara game was a big win for them. The whole 34 point loss woke them up that hey I can give you every motivational speech but you either do it or you’re not.”

“I said it’s time for you to start paying attention to what the standings are. it doesn’t mean that much to you to know what the standings are. They’re buying into learning the league and that makes you understand how important each game is.”

On the upcoming game vs. Marist:

“Marist is not the 1-17 team you see. Khalid Hart’s played three games. Phillips is good. Chavaugh Lewis is one of the best two-guards in the league. Here comes Khalid Hart the Rookie of the Year. He’s back (from injury). Of course he comes back for our game. (Looks straight up) For whatever I did I’m sorry.”

“They know how good Hart is. He got rookie of the year. He hit the three that killed us last year. We were up five, he hit the three then we miss the free throws then we threw it away. If he misses that pull-up three with 10 seconds left in the game it’s over. And he made it. He’s a very good. They know certain things. They saw him get the rookie of the year last year so I hope they’re ready for the challenge. Marist and Siena has always been a big rivalry and it’s a Friday night game, here we go.”

“I’ll remind them, I’m just gonna show him the tape where they beat us last year. We beat them here. They beat us there. We were one-on-one against them.”

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