Comments From Jimmy Patsos At This Week’s Media Luncheon

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Highlights from this week’s media luncheon with Siena men’s Basketball Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:


On the win over Fairfield

“I was happy for us. They swept us last year. I pointed that out to our players. There was no yelling or anything at halftime. We came out down five, gotta do better. Didn’t really put our best half together in the first half. I said, ‘Their backs are against the wall. They’re fighting for their life’. They’re young. They’re just losing close games. It doesn’t mean they are a bad team. Brett Bisping played excellent and Ryan Oliver made a big three.”


On defense:

“Ryan Oliver’s playing defense and rebounding. Poole’s been unbelievable, to go from being our best scorer to playing defense, is a credit to him. Lavon does a little of everything and then Marquis has been really good. I don’t always have Poole guard the best player. Sometimes you have to guard the best player sometimes you don’t. They’re buying in on playing defense. We know we’ve got to grind it out. We’re not gonna score 80 points. We’re not Iona or Canisius. We haven’t done well in those kind of games. We have to grind it out.”


On Ryan Oliver:

“He’s bought into rebounding and playing defense, a Los Angeles kid I said hey, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes they shot threes but they played defense. So, I say go look them up and he did. Ryan’s a smart kid. Great grades. He’s coming off an injury so he was a little skeptical of his knee at first. He knows the plays, he’s 6-5, Lavon made a good pass and he made a big three. Ryan’s done well. What’s helped Ryan is he and Patrick Cole are the two best players on the scout team so you get used to firing away and stuff. Then if he plays defense he can help us. He’s a good kid, good player comes from a good background. Went to Loyola high school. They’re 15th in the country. Then he went to Northfield Mount Herman and they’re good. He knows what he’s doing in terms of his background in basketball. Just being healthy helped him.”


On Javion contributing:

“Javion did play good defense. Javion’s learning like most freshmen. It takes a long time. The most important statistic for any freshman is minutes. And Javion’s learning to be in the game at the end was fun. He was happy to be in the game, talking a defense. I said, ‘Just keep doing that and you’ll play. Take it easy. Just try to play minutes on Siena’s basketball team in a really good league.’ Javion’s another great kid. Good student. Knows the game. Came from a good high school program at Troy with Rich Hurley.  Young guys sometimes think I’m not scoring so I’m not playing well. I told him that’s not true and he’s been doing well.”


What players are buying into:

“Just roles. Playing hard 40 minutes. Defensively wanting to press. If you don’t really want to press it’s not going to work. You can’t press halfway. You have to trap and then you can steal the ball from behind. It starts in practice.”

“Evan Hymes has really helped us this year because he’s accepted coming off the bench and a lot of people didn’t think he would. He wants to win. I can see Evan Hymes going into coaching. He couldn’t play in the second half but he was really good on the bench.”

“Good team to be around. I told them if you win you get the credit, lose I’ll take the blame. They want to win for themselves. I appreciate that from the players.”


On practice:

“It’s hard to practice this time of year, we have school. It’s been a long year. While Montreal was extremely important to us that took a lot out of us. Old Spice, good for the school, good TV exposure, tough competition. That takes a lot out of you. We played Memphis, St. Joe’s. They’re going to the NCAA. You’ve got to watch practice in terms of how long you go, but whenever we go, we go really hard.”


On scoring and the Super Bowl:

“We’ve got to keep scoring. Sometimes, our offense, we don’t score enough points at times. Everybody wins with defense including the Seahawks. 34-17 the Seahawks win this weekend, prediction.”


On the coaching staff:

“My assistants do a good job. Greg Manning stepped in last week cause I was out recruiting. Luke D’Alessio has been with me a long time. Luke really knows the game. They’re really good in the community. Lucious Jordan’s been tremendous for us because he gets out there, everybody in town knows us quickly which I appreciate.”


Other thoughts:

“I’ve been playing 8 or 9 guys in the first half because they’re all practicing well. So, I just say you deserve some minutes. Second half you’ve got to go with who wins games.”

“Evan hurt his back so I don’t know if he’s going to go on Thursday.”

note: Following the media luncheon, Evan Hymes was practicing at full speed today and appears to be good to go for Thursday’s game vs. Niagara.

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