Comments From Jimmy Patsos At This Week’s Media Luncheon

media luncheon

Comments from Jimmy Patsos at this season’s final media luncheon:


On the wins over Manhattan and at Rider:

“Can’t take the losses too hard and you can’t celebrate too much when you get the wins. That’s important to remember.”

“I was happy to hear the joys of a happy bus ride home. There’s nothing like the sound of a road win having guys be happy, truly happy. I’m happy for them.”

“You should be proud of these kids. Not because we won two games. We handled adversity well. I was deathly afraid of going onto Rider. What college team has handled a big win? There’s a few we could go over but big wins usually lead to losses. It’s hard to keep momentum going with college athletes today because there is so many distractions out there.”


On John Wooden at UCLA:

“There were a lot of distractions and he had the best players and they still lost games. We at Siena have a much lower profile but I’m proud of our kids. There’s a lot of media attention. There’s a lot of fans. They handled that well, stayed to their business and beat Rider. Can they do it again? I don’t know.”


On the freshmen:

“They’ve grown up by playing a lot.”

“Javion defensively has been excellent. This whole month, February has been Javion’s month defensively.”


“Evan’s played really well at home. I gotta figure out how to get Evan to play better on the road. I’m happy he played well at home. Evan (after Manhattan win) was as happy in that locker room as anybody.”

“Poole (at Rider) was as happy as anybody and he only made one jump shot.”

“Brett Bisping’s probably been our MVP. When he plays well, we win and that’s a good sign of the most valuable player, not the most outstanding player or your best player.”

“We’re kinda growing up as a team together. Remember it’s a new system for everybody.”

“What I’ll say about this team is they’re fun to be around. They’re a very diverse group. Imoh being from Nigeria, Rich Audu being from Toronto, Brett Bisping from Peoria, Illinois which for most of the guys on the team might as well be a foreign country. It’s a very diverse group but they get along.”


On not starting Marquis Wright to begin the second half at Rider:

“Sometimes you have to be the bad parent. At halftime I was just upset about a few things. There was no yelling or anything. I just said there’s a few things going on out there where we’re not being tough with the ball and he questioned whether I was correct to say that. And I said, ‘Well that’s how easy this is. OK you’re not starting. Next’. Then he said, ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to yell back’. I said, ‘No problem you’ll be in in one minute’. I want feistiness back but this is all part of Marquis growing up. It wasn’t a punishment. I like a lot of interaction with the players but if you give me a really dumb answer I’ll give you your grade. You’re not starting. It was fine. That helped motivate us.”

“That’s called the family unit. You’re gonna have to have some little arguments to get along.”

“Sometimes you gotta remind our freshmen that are playing all those minutes that they are allowed to be very grateful for playing all those minutes and taking shots because I’m a very generous coach.”

“Knock on wood we’re getting great grades right now. Knock on wood we’re acting as gentlemen off the court. Father Kevin’s mission is to have us act like gentlemen, graduate, compete hard and then win. We’re trying to do all those things. I really mean that ‘cause they’re representative of Siena and I get that.”

“We’re dealing with kids that are emotional and get a lot of attention around here. That’s makes me nervous. I want them to keep that fire. I want them to keep that hunger that said, hey nobody thought we were gonna be any good. How do you do that? I don’t know. I’m coming up with something new every day.”

On the benefit of having now coached this team for nearly a full season:

“Benefit? You wanna say it’s a benefit? I wanna ask my doctor about benefit (laughs). I do like coaching these guys.”


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