Comments From Jimmy Patsos At This Week’s Media Luncheon

media luncheon

Highlights from this week’s media luncheon with Siena men’s Basketball Head Coach Jimmy Patsos:

“It was a good week for us. You’ve got to learn, you know. I’m reading Johnny Cash’s autobiography right now. In 1937 there was a big Great Depression thing going on and Johnny Cash’s hometown in Arkansas was covered by a flood and they said this is the end of the town. It actually saves the town because the flood brought all the enriched soil up and put it on top of the crops and they had the best crops ever the next three or four years. It revitalized the town and saved his family’s farm. The enriched soil that came during the flood helped save that town and save his farm for the next generations and generations to come. If we’ve lost these tough games and they help us learn and we’re better next year the following year and the year after, that’s why you do this.”

“We’re trying to get better. You’ve got to be careful. I don’t read the blogs or anything like that so you’re wasting your time writing if you’re bashing me.”

“I just saw a bobble head of Edwin, Alex and Ronald Moore, guys I coached against. We have Marquis Wright and Lavon Long and then Patrick Cole sitting out. Brett Bisping and Ryan Oliver have been playing really well. Those guys played like 5 minutes a game last year. What Poole’s done to have 33 and 26 is great. We are on the right track.”

“These close games are going to help us. We’re not going to win by 30 next year. In other words, we’re going to have to win close games for the rest of my career at the mid-major level. This is how this works. Those close games we’re playing are going to get us ready to win them in the future. Maybe it’s this Friday against Manhattan. Maybe the game after that.”

“I’m really pleased with how things are going. I’m not negative. We had a very good after team talk. This is a triple overtime game against the guy who is going to get drafted. We’re very positive and we’re looking forward to Friday night.”

“When you start doing that secondary thing besides what you do best especially at our level that really shows. That’s why I’m pretty happy with the guys on our team. A lot of them have added to their game. It’s just not going to happen overnight.”

On Marquis Wright and Khalid Hart (Marist) as Rookie of the Year candidates:

“Give it to both of them. As far as him and Hart both those kids are doing unbelievable things. The way the season’s gone they should probably both just be given an award. There’s 11 teams. Hey Little League 75 people get an award can’t we just give two?”

“We’re seven and nine and we’re a couple minutes away from being nine and ten. Ten and six then they’d be anointing me a new saint here at Siena. You’ve got to be careful. I never said we are going to turn this around overnight. What we inherited here and where we are, it has been an unbelievably great year for us.”

“The players are really working hard and I remember when I took this job the people said, ‘Hey can you bring back the excitement’. I think we brought back the excitement. That’s my job here year one. The team and myself are very pleased with the way things are going. sure would like to win more games but I don’t have Edwin Ubiles, Alex Franklin and Ronald Moore… give us a little time and hopefully we’re going to get somewhere close cause those were three great players.”

On the chances of a top five finish:

“Let’s put it this way I wouldn’t bet on it. If I had to get in to heaven and I had to bet on that I wouldn’t put it out there. If I get into heaven I’m probably going to have to work in heaven. I’ll probably be like a bar bartender in heaven anyways. It’s alright. I’ll be in there. I’ll just have to work there. You have to be realistic.”

“Evan has been struggling a bit playing some point, nice kid. His numbers have been inconsistent lately and I don’t know what that is. We’re in a good coaching league and they’re going to scout you. You’re not going to walk in and get an unprepared team in the MAAC. Jim Baron’s a great coach. He’s not to say Evan Hymes just take threes all day. I’m not say anything about Evan. Has he developed in doing that next thing?”

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