Comments and Notes From This Week’s Media Luncheon

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Comments from Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos at this week’s media luncheon.

On game vs. Iona

“We let them get hot early. I think sometimes you have to make sure a team that can really play like Iona doesn’t get going early. The only solace I found was I went home and watched Maryland-Florida State play. Florida State made 16 threes and Mark Turgeon’s a great coach so maybe it was like a Maryland bloodline thing on Sunday, wasn’t very good.”

“The second half we took the lead. We had a chance to win the game. We turned the ball over a few times, missed a couple shots. They made the three from the corner because we left the guy a little bit but the one from the top of the key which kind of made the game, we ran over, Ryan’s 6-5, he had a hand up. They made a tough shot. When teams make tough shots you have to take your hat off to them. That’s why they were picked second.”


On coming back to take the lead vs. Iona:

“This is a great place to play. It’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the great mid-major jobs. Iona is really good, two-time defending MAAC champions. We just don’t come back without the fans in that arena.”

“I think Ryan Oliver and Maurice White coming off the bench could feel the energy of the fans.”

“It will be nice to have the students back. It will be interesting to see what they add.”


On Ryan Oliver:

“If Ryan can keep coming, and there’s a very good chance he’ll start on Thursday, I’m going to reward him. The funny thing about Ryan Oliver, he’s the guy that’s been hanging around the gym the most. He’s getting the most extra workouts in. It’s pretty much a quiet time. You can only do so many movies and so many cultural things. Players have some free time. I’ve seen Maurice White in there. They both played well. I believe that’s connected. It wouldn’t shock me if Ryan starts on Thursday.”


On Manhattan:

“Now we have to go to Manhattan and Steve Masiello’s doing a great job. They won a bunch of road games. They are tough. They’re really deep. Tough place to play. It’s a good test for us.”

“Manhattan will be a very crowded place. Steve Masiello done a tremendous job. He should be up there for national coach of the year right now, in terms of winning on the road. He’s won like 8 games on the road.”

“Beamon’s a great player. I don’t want any kid to be hurt. Alvarado is good. Rhamel Brown is tremendous. Richards can shoot threes and they’ve got Ashton Pankey, transfer from Maryland who’s a big kid. They’re playing lotsa guys.”

“They’re home, the best team in the league. They’re picked first and they’re in the lead. That’s how it goes. I expect it to be a tough game, great place to play.”

“(We’ll) Throw a lot of guys at them. We play eight or nine. They press. They run. They’re very active on defense. They do all kinds of stuff. He worked with (Rick) Pitino (of Louisville) he knows what he’s doing. It’s going to be a grind-it-out MAAC game. Whoever wins the rebounding war will probably win that game.”


On facing Manhattan and Iona on the road:

“It’s two road trips cause we have to go down there Thursday and back and then Sunday and back.”

“My question for the team today at practice now is, how are we going to play? You have to beat the best teams if you want to compete. The good news is we’re close and it’s going to be three games in March to determine who goes to the (NCAA) tournament for the MAAC.”

“You have to beat those teams or at least compete with them so when you go to Springfield you have in the back your mind that you have a chance. I can sell a lot of things, but I can’t say hey we’re getting killed by the good teams and now are going to go beat them. My point is, we played really well against Iona. Canisius we fought back. I’m really proud our guys are fighting back. We beat Rider. I’m looking forward to judging where we are at Manhattan.”

“Poole called me yesterday. They went to the women’s game. They called me and said we’re ready to go. We’ll be ready against Manhattan. That’s what’s good. The players believe we’ll be ready.”


On the season so far:

“A different guy every game. I wish they’d all play (well) together. You like to write down what every guy is going to do every game.”

“We’re three and three so we’re happy. You’ve just got to battle go from there.”

“Those games got us ready. Looking back, and we did play a tough schedule, but our real record is three and three. Sunday you’re a little upset after the game. You get greedy. I don’t care about me. I’m greedy a little bit for the players and fans because the fans have been tremendous and the players are working hard. The players were really bummed out they lost the game against Iona. That’s a good thing, but I want them to be happy. I want the players to have a successful season because they deserve it.”

“Some of these kids have been here. They all haven’t had a winning record yet and that’s what they want.”

“I thought we’d be a better three-point shooting team coming into the year. You hope one game we’ll get hot. We’ve had a few teams get hot against us. Maybe our time’s coming. Maybe it’s not.”

“They just kept battling and different guys stepped up. We have different guys stepping up, like the Red Sox got it all together at the end. The second-half, can we have it all come together? We are going to find out a lot playing the two best teams in the league on the road in 2 separate road trips.”

“We are doing a good job driving the ball. Evan Hymes has been doing a tremendous job off the bench. People probably wonder why I don’t start him. He’s my six man. He’s really doing well handling the ball in scoring opportunities.”


On Marquis Wright:

“He’s been tremendous and the MAAC’s a tough league. Playing the top two teams of America East, Cornell had a lot of tough losses early, but they battled. Then, forget the BCS schools. He did a good job against them. I’m very pleased with Marquis. He doesn’t really yell or anything but he leads and he knows what he’s doing.”


On Lavon Long

I’ve got to get Lavon Long a little bit straightened out and that’s on me. I think maybe sometimes guys take too much pressure. Lavon’s a great kid and a great player but he’s at a wall as a freshman. Sometimes you’ve got to change it up. So, we’ll probably just bring him off the bench.”

“I want to make sure everybody’s clear. Nobody’s mad. Nobody’s punished. He is going to get the same minutes but it’s coming off the bench, a little fresher start. He keeps getting in foul trouble and then that ruins his rhythm. Sometimes you’ve got to give a guy a little break.


On the team and the lineup:

“I believe in the boat. I read this book, “Boys In The Boat”. It’s about the rowing team that went over to Berlin. It was a bestseller. They’re from the state of Washington. It’s about the guys in the boat and how they rowed together. He’s (Long) in the boat. He’s fine. I just want a little change in lineups that’s what we’re going to do.”


On Rob Poole and the team’s defense:

“Rob Poole, when your best player is playing defense, Poole’s been guarding the other team’s best player and doing a good job, our defense has been good. Our guys are playing hard and they’re playing together. We’re certainly not perfect. I always felt defense is a team thing. When your best player is your hardest worker you’re in good shape. Poole is at the (season) halfway mark, doing a great job leading us, but it’s been a team effort.”

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