Come Back … MAAC

It’s ok MAAC powers-that-be, we know that you know you made a mistake.  You can admit it. Come on Rich Ensor, can I call you Commish? We promise Siena won’t win the tournament EVERY year. Just come back to Albany.


For those that haven’t heard, the total attendance for this years MAAC tournament held at the Webster Bank Library…. I mean Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut was just over 24,000. I know it’s about being fair. After all last year when Siena hosted the tournament, total attendance was 53,319. And THAT was the reason they won for the third year in a row. The favorite going into the tournament this year, Fairfield, was the host school. One would expect this to be an unfair advantage for them since this was the main argument for moving out of Albany away from Siena. Wrong. They lost in the semifinal before a whopping hometown infused crowd of 3,956. But, we had to give them a chance even though the last time they hosted the tournament in 2007 the numbers were 23,561.  Maybe I am being too harsh they did pick up 746 fans from four years ago. WOW.  Even if they lost 29,012 or 54% from last years version in Albany. I know the MAAC did offer the out of town Siena fans the option of paying $5.95 to watch Friday’s non-televised opening round game online. But , in yet another form of punishment, according to more than one account “technical difficulties” prevented the feed from actually working.


So the MAAC taught Siena a lesson. That’s what the Saints and all their fans get for building one of the most succesful mid major basketball programs in the country.Well let’s look on the bright side. Last year  they darn near called out the National Guard in a lame attempt to prevent the Siena fans from rushing the court when they won the championship. (On a side note isn’t this pretty much a national tradition played out in arenas all over the country) Well not a worry this year since just barely 3,000 were in attendance. Since maybe half were 2011 MAAC champion St Peter’s fans there were not enough court rushers to hurt a flea… or the crickets that could be heard in the backround.


So on to the next version of the MAAC’s Operation Be Fair.  Next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, it’s on to Springfield Massachusetts and the Mass Mutual Center. Soon to be known as the MAAC Fans Mass Exodus Center.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe the host school will bring out the numbers there. Oh wait there isn’t a host school.  I hope I am wrong ok….no I don’t, but I have a funny feeling this little experiment will not be an overwhelming success and the MAAC will be back, where in belongs.


  1. Keesha

    March 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Great work once again! I am looking forward for your next post.

  2. mr. siena

    March 12, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    I'd like to tell Ensor and the college presidents, when the MAAC-ACHUSETTS experiment bombs out and they look to the TUC to bail them out, to STICK IT!

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